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Scalextric C7005 Wiring Diagram


Can anyone assist two very basic questions...I'm trying to retrofit a Scalextric C7005 chip into a car and I cannot find a wiring diagram anywhere: -

1. Which braid do I connect the green power cable to, and which the yellow?


2. Which tab on a Pendle AC6 motor is the positive...I cannot see any red dot!


I'm presuming that wiring digital plugs the wrong way will probably end in a small explosion and tears.

Thank you

(I hate electronics!)

I love puttering with gears

As long as you don't connect the red/black to the guide, and green/yellow to the motor, you're fine.

Green and yellow can be either side of the guide. It's AC, it literally doesn't matter. If the car acts wonky, and you've ruled out all the normal stuff (lack of ferrite men on both ends, proper braid formation, clean rails, etc), then swap the two and see if things improve. In my experience, the only time this mattered was with some versions of third party chip firmware. Never with OEM chips and the firmware they came with.

Red and black to the motor is always a coin flip. Take a guess, and then test it before you put the body back on or spend time on other things like making the wires the perfect length or whatever.
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Before you connect it to the chip, Use a 9v pp3 battery to quickly check motor direction.
Whether you want clockwise or anti-clockwise depends on the car's motor format (spur let or spur right) 
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Thanks all...with hindsight, its the connections to the braids that need to nail (so to speak!)

I love puttering with gears

An evening spent reinforcing my dislike of electronics...

Chip 1 - carefully fitted into chassis and wired in...nothing when I tried it on my test track

Chip 2 - just did a loose fit and it ran perfectly on my test track. Went to do the proper fit and one of the motor cables detached itself from the chip.

Chip 3 - just did a loose fit and when I placed it on my test track, without touching the controller, it continuously ran at high speed.

What's up with the Chip 3 install?

I love puttering with gears

Are these second hand chips? 
Going full speed means the chip is probably damaged.
Doing nothing is also an indication of damage.
A wire coming off the chip, well... seems like it was fatigued, therefore used... damaged.

If these were supposedly new chips out of the package and no indications of use (e.g. solder on the ends of the wires, which will not be tinned from the factory, or odd lengths of wires, missing ferrite men, etc...) then you've got some warranty replacements to claim.
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They were all removed from cars that I have moved up from.

So...can't let a detached wire beat me! One burnt finger later and the wire is re-attached and the car is up and running and 'in the game' for Worthing's Goodwood event!

I love puttering with gears
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