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Another new member

A bit late to the party so it's all been said already really. 

Nice clean fresh site devoid of ads and superfluous categories.  I like it Cool

Thanks for tipping me the wink. Look forward to seeing it fly  Thumbup

A slot racer/collector from the age of 10 or so. Home racer, joined up with friends to make bigger tracks. Started a club at school. Joined local 'wooden track' racers club doing the 'circuit' of inter-club championships in the Revell/Monogram/Riko years. Squeezed out by rising costs of Americana and Japanese 'Pro' kit. 
(Schoolboy paper round/pocket money couldn't compete with working Dad's and lads.)

Reverted to home racing with Minic, then Aurora AFX, then Tomy AFX, branching out into the first HO UK club (CHORC), which ran for 28 years, hosting HO Nationals into the bargain. (However, we 'ceased trading' Dec 6th 2018.)

Seeing the writing on the wall, from Sept/Oct 2018 started collecting 1/32 SSD for solo home racing - but so far not had the time to do much with it. 

So sort of gone full circle but hoping digital should make 1/32 home racing FUN! Brief testing was, anyway  Cool
[+] 1 member Likes Top Down's post

And it's a welcome from me!

It will be interesting to see how it goes here. Introducing anything new must be a source of some nervousness but I hope it goes well. As you say, the layout is good and clean and easy to navigate.

Welcome Top Down. 

I don't know about "late to the party", it hasn't even started yet.

According to Graham Robinson SPOTTER was the first HO club here.

Don't know if he is on here yet.

One day I must check out the tiny cars. What is the scene like nowadays? I still have some SGs somewhere./

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