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UK Slot Car Festival 2023

My last visit to the Festival was in 2019, four years ago!
I am very relieved to be able to go to the event with some friends again next weekend.
Hopefully we can have a chat.

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Hopefully going with my little boy on Sunday.

I've been briefed (ie told quite sternly) that my wallet should stay hidden unless it's something I would really, really like!!!!
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Failed miserably in keeping my wallet shut!!

Ended up leaving with 6 cars in various states of disrepair, 1 new one

Good job I took my little boy with me otherwise I’d have spent a lot more time there and a lot more money
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My wallet didn't let much escape. Bought a book and some spare parts, total spend £12! Didn't find any of the cars I was looking for but they are a bit obscure. Great event as usual and spent several happy hours catching up with old acquaintances. I met a couple of overseas visitors who were attending for the first time and they were amazed at the size and scope of the event.
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I had a great day. Got six cars plus some spares, probably spent more than I had planned but hey-ho it’s only money. Rofl
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It was a very nice weekend and it was good to have a chat with some people from this site.
As a rally fan I liked especially the slot rally special stage.
Unfortunately I deslotted once at the hillclimb section.
I am already looking forward to next year!

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I went up on Saturday,  which was really busy,  especially first thing! 
Went with two friends, who race at my Club, and met three others later on.

Wallet wise it was very easy,  for once!   
A load of Scalextric Sport Track,  for a new track build, and only one car, blimey, couldn't have been trying hard enough  Rofl

Spent a lot of the day checking out the retailer section,  then trying all of the different circuits on offer. 
Very pleased to finish 2nd overall on the Saturday leaderboard, for the second year in a row! 
There then followed a Top 4 shootout on the excellent Four Lane Blacktop routed track,  where I again finished in 2nd place. 
Not so impressive was only a First place prize, it had always been top 3 before,  bugger......  Club mate Andy took 3rd overall,  with Phil qualifying 7th.   Good job Send Scalextric Racing Club  Thumbup

The Drag Strip competition unfortunately was not as good as normal.  The cars just were not evenly matched at all, which really spoilt it.

Great set of tracks to try,  lots to see and do.  It really does do our hobby proud.
A big THANK YOU to all involved,  can't wait for next year  Time
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