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HO slot stuff/need help identifying

So my dad passed, and If anyone can help identify any of these cars and chassis it would greatly help.
 [Image: AJFCJaV8SA-jpuDsO4CmDjqCjOSGCeFq4OJhtuJ5...authuser=0][Image: AJFCJaUuK7_-n946bgald4bzx6PXNGUCx7tJ3cOF...authuser=0][Image: AJFCJaVOw_v00JkofoiUxzSR0bfYJLkNyP1liNAV...authuser=0][Image: AJFCJaUb7trFimjvpp3LhvpqtX0jI1-nj_DgcTTi...authuser=0]

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Hello Tweaked,

My condolances on the loss of your dad. I lost mine 4-years ago.

Some basic ID's at a glance from left to right.

Aurora T-jet 63 Buick Riviera body.
Aurora T-jet Shelby Daytona.
Aurora T-jet 63 Corvette Stingray on what looks to be a "vibrator" chassis?
AFX Road Runner.
Model Motoring or Auto World T-jet 69 Boss Mustang.

Sorry, I'm not sure what the clear body is for.

I hope this helps?


Absolutely a big help!  I do have another question though...A couple of other cars i have, like a tyco semi truck -is it normal for the back wheels to not want to turn at all?  I am not sure if the car actually does drive yet since i still am working on setting up the track...I just thought it was odd that they dont turn like the aurora ones do.

I would imagine the wheels are supposed to turn. Time and corrosion can seize things up. A few pics would help.

Small correction to my last post. The yellow Mustang is likely a 1970 version. Not a 1969. Oops.


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