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Corvette SS 1957 (XP-64)

I also would like to say that I am so pleased to see a body being handmade rather than finger made, click click .... if you get my drift.
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Thanks for your encouraging comments!

Handmade or finger-clicked – I never had to choose between them! My hands are far better than my fingers, so to speak. Bigsmile
I really enjoy the long process of planning, researching, looking at photos, settling on dimensions, starting with a wooden block, slowly working my way onward, and finally being able to drive the car! Once gone through all these phases, you get to know the car in a deeper way... I would say it is my main approach to slot cars.
A great thing about this hobby is the versatility, most anyone can find their own space...

John, just out of curiosity (I try not to get too much involved in casting), did you cast it in one piece, including the grille and the „rocket“headrest?

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Ralph, the headrest and grill were moulded and cast separately to the body....
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Working on the tricky side panels.

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