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Hi all, this is Track build No.3 for me, I started with a Scalextric track with scenery, then next came a routed track with elevation changes and scenery.
An unplanned house move saw me without a track (no room) for a 3 years, but another planned move gave me the opportunity for track 3 !
So Roughwood was born, with the intention of minimalist scenery and no elevations, but using a similar layout to the first Scalextric track I ever built, as I liked  that best although not the fact it was plastic ;)

Pictures speak a thousand words, so I'll let them get on with it.

This was the rough plan drawn up in an old version of Trackpower.

[Image: lOICxxw.jpg]

So onto the boards, 2x 8'x4' (2440 x 1220mm) and the L extension cut down to 2'6" x 4' (730x 1220mm). All 12mm thick MDF with 60x40mm timber framework.

[Image: VBIO2UE.jpg]

[Image: 5RwIt44.jpg]

[Image: pD4Q5IT.jpg]

Routing started, and an attempt to equalize lane lap times makes one of the hairpins run out a little further than the other (the amount was guesswork but seems to have worked really well).

Here you may be able to make out my measuring method, some string in the groove !
The shorter lane was extended by about half the distance difference and as mentioned, seam to work well for equalizing times.
Lane 1 has 16.5M (approx. 54 ft) lane 2 is approx. 450mm (1.5 ft) shorter but has slower bends.

[Image: mIh7N1K.jpg]

Some of the leftover MDF and spare shelving in the shed was later utilised for my workbench.

[Image: WAG2mvs.jpg]

After routing, work started on painting the track.

[Image: faAulWA.jpg]

[Image: 5F7mzwy.jpg]

I attempted to make the cars follow a vague racing line by painting the track non linear to the slots on most corners.
The background was done using "ART Printers" Self adhesive premium poly scenes (for model railways) stuck onto varnished hardwood panels.

[Image: HmvPI2c.jpg]

[Image: 3DxaPkc.jpg]

[Image: jHW7gM9.jpg]

Some grassmat, Slot Track Scenics mesh fencing, Scalextric armco and Racing Line foam tyre barriers were added.
All of the Armco, Homies and vehicles were kindly donated by CMOTD.

I repainted a Scalextric Dunlop bridge and Grandstand also kindly donated by CMOTD.
Timing is done with Photosensor LEDs and a Lightbridge adapted from a model railway bridge kit, hooked to the excellent Race Co-ordinator software running through an Ardunio clone interface.

[Image: q3SVTA8.jpg]

[Image: I6au3xu.jpg]

[Image: pCfYShZ.jpg]

[Image: Mg6xp9P.jpg]
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[Image: EwB6pAe.jpg]

Since these pics, the Homies and some home made Marshal posts kindly built by a mutual friend (Fluff on other forums), have been added, but further thoughts of painting them up have been hampered by racing or setting up cars for the club !

And now I see if I can suss out the way to post video links here !

Ah that was painless :)
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Great stuff, very nicely done indeed.

That is a great track - superb craftmanship and detail. I am in awe!!

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