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Slot car beginner with a question

Hello! I just bought my very first slot car track. I bought the Carrera digital 132 peak performance set. I just finally finished setting up the track, and when I power on the main board thing, it just starts beeping and none of the lights turn on. I can’t pair the cars or anything it just sits there and constantly beeps at me. I surprisingly can’t find anything about this anywhere but I can’t be the first person to experience this? Anyone else have this issue or know what to do? Id really like to start using this track but I literally cannot do anything at this point :(

Can't find the manual for that set on Carrera website.  Are the controllers wired or wireless?

Is there a pattern to the beeps that repeats?

I have the wired and wireless bases in the garage, I can take a look and check.

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I know nothing about digital but if you go to the listing in the following link and click on the downloads tab there are 2 links to a manual. If you click on the second of the two links there is a full manual in English which might help solve the problem.
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