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What Vintage slots stuff have you bought recently

I started this same thread on SFI, and want to continue it here. Anyone who is into vintage stuff is more than welcome to add to the thread.

So I have not been all that active in purchasing recently, but came across someone selling vintage spares on FB, and I am always a sucker for spares. Made inquiries, not expecting to get them at all - and then very nearly missed his reply
I initially thought I have paid way too much, but when it all arrived, I could see I had got a real bargain.

I recognise the Russkit wire wheels below, and the Cox For Gt and Lotus wheels. But the deep Chaparral wheels - not cox!



Anyone know anything about these motors? I know the purple 2 hole is a Mura - but purple colour - does it signify anything?
Then the purple square hole - believe it is champion - but again purple - does that signify anything? The are not painted - colour looks factory applied.
Orange I would have assume classic - but it just does not look like other classic motors I have.
Black is definitely a Champion.
Any info On Champion white dot magnets? Are they B/W than Arco's?



Does anyone recognise the make of the wheels in the next 3 pics? Possibly German brand?





All the Midori axles below have ball bearings  Cool


All info really appreciated.


You know where to send the bits you don't use!
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