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Don't know if you are aware but GP Miniatures do a number of Goodwood building kits. No longer in production but Pendle's have a fair few in stock. LINK
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Thank you Brian. Will be sure to look them up.

Hi Paul

Are you planning to use magnet cars for this track? If not then I’d encourage you to square off the section you’ve shown in detail shots or perhaps have just the one kink, as it’ll be a horrible throttle off-on-off-on experience for a non magnet car on slippery scalex track.

50p corners have long existed in plastic track layouts but they’re usually not separated by more than a half straight or maybe a full straight. Having two or three full length straights between a series of 22deg curves is a very awkward thing to navigate.

With magnets it’s no problem as you could probably hold a 75% throttle through them and be none the wiser.

Just a suggestion. Of course you’d loose out on how faithful your layout would be, but then again, for a public layout would the punters even know that? All the best.

Hi Gary,
Great job on the latest DISCA. Watched some of your videos and you certainly set the bar with that event for emulating the real world.

I do use magnet cars on the public displays. Have run mag free when experienced racers have used Havenwood, but I am not sure how often that would happen. Maybe at future UKSF or maybe for a dedicated competition at some other event.

I think Jason did a good compromise with his design and I am studying the old SF thread on racing line modifications. I have a few CLC's that I could cut up and plenty of other bits of track that I could modify to provide an optimum curve. With the track being so big I could imagine the cars would spread out a lot, so entirely possible to develop a single lane around the whole track that would overcome the limitations of some of the 50p bit kinks.

I think brakes could play a part to get the fastest lap maybe. Might even get the ESRM and Xbox controllers out  for a bit of fun :-)

Here we go with something that I think encapsulates some of the feedback.

I have tried to recreate some of the racing elements described by Woodcote at the expense of religiously following the geographical layout.

I have been reading the archives on Best Racing Line modifications and will include a few modified track pieces to get the flow of the corners to feel more like the real thing.
i.e. Fordwater will include a racing line from the outside rail to the apex and back to the outside rail. In practice I am not sure you would not want to return to the outside rail, and I suspect very few would be in the outside lane coming into Fordwater, but it is conceivably that being able to hold full throttle from Madgwick to St Mary's might have some advantage over the inside lane, that would likely need a lift into Fordwater.

Its all got a bit bigger too :-) Now measures 6.5m x 6.1m

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Looking good. The single lane chicane looks great, and the circuit looks as if it would be more driveable. The only thing I'm not sure about is the chicane on Lavant Straight which looks a bit harsh.

I wondered if it might be possible to hint at some of the double apex curves, and more subtle elements of Goodwood by using Duncan Kirby's method of creating a racing line. You may remember that he changed the appearance of where the track edges were by careful placement of kerbs and track limit lines. Sometimes they'd be right up against the rails on the inside of a corner, so the cars looked like they were putting two wheels off the track. Or on the outside of the corner it would be the opposite, moving out onto the borders.

Of course this might not be possible, but I couldn't resist having a look....

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Love it Jason and very much in keeping with the constant abuse of the inside edge of Lavant exit that is so often turned into a rally stage by the exuberant :-)
Would be lovely to bring a bit of Duncan into the track too :-)

I agree the racing line mod from the CLC's is far more aggressive than the real world and in all likelihood will become a more subtle affair. I just wanted to take advantage of the track pieces that Gregk had created in UR30 and added to the track as an idea. I also modified a couple of R4's to create half length R4's to take the edge off a couple of lines.

Your image is fantastic and will help me planning the board cuttings.
As Woodcote mentioned I will be trying to include the elevations between St Mary's and Lavant, as well as the adverse camber of Madgwick.
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What a fabulous day at Goodwood today.... Thats proper entertainment from race cars:
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"I don’t know if you’ve driven Goodwood, but it is very fast. "

In response to Woodcotes question....

Some laps from a Mission Motorsport Charity day where I provide some veterans a passenger lap or two:[Image: YwhBmSsAsc0]
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Grids are forming faster than the track...  Bigsmile
Anyone else suffer a similar development cycle.... Think of Track - Plan A Track - Search for Cars - Buy Cars - Track Build Years Later  Rofl

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