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Ep 14; Three Intros and One Incorrect Correction

Talking Utter Slot ; Ep 14
A new episode of Talking Utter Slot in which Pedro murders the German language, references Guns 'n' Roses (but doesn't sing) and questions whether Subbuteo was the precursor to Warhammer. Scott rolls his eyes, declares a fear of electricity and ponders maturity.

[Image: 338905529_768845527847997_12141780433385...e=6429C6FF][Image: 338426456_603095601732892_37258481894035...e=6429C942][Image: 338502092_165930503038283_60912907023328...e=642A687A][Image: 338156869_210703278232370_87454241835149...e=642B5FC8]

The TALKING UTTER SLOT podcast is available via Apple, Acast, Spotify, YouTube and more. 
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