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Looking for Aurora T-Jet Chassis: USA or EU

Hi All,
I am getting a set of bodies that fit the Aurora T-Jet chassis.
I don't have them and they are rare in Germany.
I looked at ebay and I am always a bit shy about buying stuff there.

Does anyone have a few chassis they are willing to part with?
I have EU and USA shipping addresses and can use PayPal to pay in pretty much any currency.
Please PM me with offers.
Much appreciated!

Unless you're going for nostalgic parts. I would order empty tubs and top plates from Dash Motorsports. Dash also has tons of coloured delrin gears at 4 for $1.

Then add AW arms, magnets, and anything else you got laying around to complete the chassis. The Dash wheelbase matches Aurora perfectly. Just an option.

Wizzard also offers an empty chassis. But they are $12 US.

Many old Aurora's are worn out by now.

I was told by the seller of the bodies that the use T-Jet chassis.
Not planning on racing or anything... just want them to go round....

I only want the things to work so your tips are greatly appreciated!

Then I would buy two complete chassis from Dash Motorsports. The prices are good.

The basic "Classic" chassis will be the closest to the original T-jet.

Should be loads of Fäller and Bauer chassis available in Germany. Most of these are clones of the Aurora T-Jet. Bauer sell their own T-Jet chassis new.

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