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Question How much faster are the Fray T-Jets than stock?

I stumbled on the Fray and watched a bunch of videos today.  Those things look much faster than the T-Jets I ran in my basement track.  Mine were from Model Motoring I believe, which I think are stock or close to stock.  I understand that the Fray cars are tuned with lots of aftermarket parts I think.  My question here is how much faster are they compared to stock.  Some example lap times on a given track would make it more clear to me.  Also, do the Fray cars have more down force due to different magnets and lowering of the frame / chassis?


Interesting question.

The Fray guys run a stock chassis with a mere 14-Ohm armature. But they know how to get the best performance from stock parts.

The only magnets are the motor magnets. No traction magnets allowed. So they widen the front axle and add brass weights to the axle. That really stablizes the car. But the cars look odd because of this.

They buy better wheels, tires, axles, balanced armatures, better motor brushes, etc. All listed within the rules.

You can lower the chassis by adjusting the tire height. No extra down force other than a lower CG.

Fray racers blueprint the chassis, and take the luck out of having a good runner. Most out of the box T-jets run poorly.

My apologies that I can't give you lap times. You should be able to figure that out by watching the videos.

Yes the Fray cars are very fast with stock style chassis.
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Considerably faster. possibly double the speed because of the aforementioned precision parts and tuning. It's not that the motors are twice as fast (though they might be), but that they run so smoothly that there's very little loss to friction from "bad" parts.
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