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Question Best way to get more track?

I just got my first set - C1404T.  Really liking it so far, but need more track to get the cars going ;-)

Is buying a second analog set a good way to get cars and track less expensively?  I've done this in the past with HO Tyco stuff.  The smaller Scalextric sets don’t look to come with many straights which is one hesitation I have.  I guess having extra analog power station and controllers is also a waste, but I could keep them as a spare or sell them?

Tracks on eBay don't seem to be much cheaper than the expansion sets I see on Amazon, unless I'm missing something.

I'm assuming the cheapest route is to find somebody selling used track on eBay?


Used track is definitely cheapest, eBay, swapmeet etc. Secondhand track is virtually worthless, apart from some specialised bits and it is often given away on Facebook groups. However, you may have to wade through quite a bit of rusty/warped track to get enough useable pieces. Check photos carefully when buying so you can avoid the worst bits.
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Completely agree with Brian.

I have a four lane 50foot track, and most of it came from swapmeets,  especially the harder to get radius 3 and 4 turns.  You can pick it up at brilliant prices. is also good for track, which they grade in order of its condition.  No affiliation to them, but have used them on a number of occasions.
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seconded for actionslotracing, bought my initla Sport track from them and have added a few more bits from them

Then Ebay, gumtree, local ads, car boots etc - I have a thing for classic track at the minute and although most need some work to shine up, I get it cheap enough to through the rubbish away and just concentrate on the rescueable stuff.

My latest eBay purchase was £20 for 50 odd straight, 40 corners, 2 hump back bridges, 1 high hump bridge and two pitstops (along with various chicanes)

Most rescuable, some will be resold to pay for initial purchase (pitstops and hump backs)
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