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Talking Utter Slot - Episode 12 : Hatching Plans to Move into the Slot Car Business

Talking Utter Slot : Ep12.
What cars would you make if you ran a slot car company?

Would you buy a slot car from these men?

In Episode 12 of Talking Utter Slot we dream big and reveal what we'd make. Inevitably, we don't agree.

Also, Pedro insults the French language but defends Joanna Lumley's honour; Scott casts aspersions on the ACO of old but cautions against maligning TWR Racing; a deep love of the R33 Skyline is revealed; we float the concept of a Singer TR7.

[Image: 335302256_122623660766509_90512387348287...e=6413C8E7][Image: 335070943_533559535595688_36828692215007...e=641491D3]

The TALKING UTTER SLOT podcast is available via Apple, Acast, Spotify, YouTube and more. 
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