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Info Sideways/upside down photos - how to avoid

It is very common for photos taken on smartphones or tablets to appear sideways or upside down on forums/social media/eBay etc. I won't bother with the technical reasons for this but it is a consequence of the way these devices store photos.

The easy way to avoid this is as follows:

always take your photos and videos by holding the device in landscape mode with the home button on the right.
This is the only way these devices know how to take pictures without rotation issues.

Correct way to hold an iPad when taking pictures
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Thank you for addressing this. I have been very frustrated with pictures that look correct before posting, but end up on their sides after I submit the post.
It also is embarrassing. 
 Will definitely follow this in the future.

Is this just when pics are uploaded direct from the phone?

I always load my pics onto the Mac before posting and never have this problem whichever way up the photo is taken.

Normally direct upload from phone/tablet but can happen sometimes when done via PC.

Thanks for that, Brian.

It is a question I was about to ask as I was having that problem...

The problem doesn't occur on that other forum for me however.

I will see if turning the picture in editing and saving it will help me here.


That sort of worked

I will try again


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