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What classes do you race in 1/24?

Just wondering what other Clubs are racing in 1/24 scale races?

We are racing in my club:

-Scaleauto with the 8000 chassis,Sprinter, Sprinter2 or Endurance motor, foam tires
-Mini Z with Momo chassis, SRP25, foam tires


Our club has been racing 1/32 for a long time. We've never had a track that would fit large scale cars.

Then a nice gentleman decided to make a routed track 166" feet long in our area. It's quite fast.


Then a friend in a 1/25th scale model club calls me and says "Hey Ken. I got a dozen 1/25 model car kits that have the bodies, chrome, and windows only. Perfect for slot cars. $5 each" (Canadian funds). The guy that built the big track was with me, and he says "They might fit on the new track". So we bought them all. $60 for a dozen kits it a great deal. How can we refuse?

Here's how they fit on the track for spacing. Cornering will be fun. From left to right. 66 Ford Fairlane GTA. 66 Olds 442 W30. 64 Impala SS. 62 BelAir 409.


Here's a few photos of a cool 1:1 that is inspiring us not to slam these cars too much.


These are examples of the some of the boxes.


Everything about this new class will be about keeping it cheap. $5 body kits. Limited to a $9 Fox-10 motor, and $20 for aluminum wheels and urethane tires. Wheels and tires are a matching club set. The same for everyone. No expensive wheels allowed.

Any gears, axles, guide, etc. You can make the chassis out of popsicle sticks, or hockey pucks if you like.

We expect these big bruisers to lumber around and trade paint. It's not about breaking land speed records with these full size family cars.
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Continuing with the "Big Bruisers" class cars. I recently found a poorly finished/painted 1/25 model kit for $5. I threw away the static chassis. It will fit nicely with the rest of the $5 cars. But no paint required. I'm not worried about scratches with this car.


This was supposed to be a slow, lumbering class. This thing lights up the track and sets it on fire with that 25k Fox-10 motor!

13/38 gears for a 2.92 ratio works amazing.

A scratch built aluminum chassis based on the 1/32 design. 4-body posts instead of two. 1"-inch square aluminum tubing instead of 3/4". The chassis will allow an inline, angle winder, or sidewinder set up. The slight angle-SW works fantastic!


We're looking forward to trading paint!

Thank you very kindly for looking.
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