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My Railway track build, no slot cars here, move on !

BEMO HOm Swiss items will run just fine on that 12mm track.

This sits next to my track - no part of mind you Sun


However it is quite neglected due to my slot car passion
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I am nursing another headache and bad mood after my points controller died AGAIN !
I was near completing the final fine adjustments and it decided it wasn't going to play anymore.
So yet more delay, and I have the pleasure of finding which points went on what channel all over again  Angry

On the plus side, the control panel is functionable, although does require finishing.


And on the non-plused side, A while back I ordered 100 sitting and 100 standing pre-painted little people from china.
Today they arrived, I got 200 sitting and 100 standing, but half are half painted and the rest are not painted  Tappingfoot
If anyone fancies painting 200 little people (*cough* Fluff) some form of payment can be arranged  ...  Talking


At the moment I seem to be one step forward, 2 steps back  Time

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, I didn't like how the trains sounded like a bag of nails going round the track, but small sections were just the usual acceptable rumble.
Those small sections were where I had used Tillig flexible track.
So I replaced the both end loops with Tillig set pieces and all the rest with Tillig Flex. I just left the Hornby points as they are half the price of the rest and I didn't want to re-do those !

For a hobby that was supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, its caused the air to turn blue more often than usual so far  Bigsmile
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To cure the noise - the answer is - lay the track on foam board used for insulation. So thin board on bottom, then foam then track. Also enable you to create rivers, valleys by cutting out and shaping the board etc. Wish I had realised this before I laid my track!! :)

Yes, I thought about that but decided against it as the risk of me overpinning the track meant it might not be flat !
TBH the noise itself isn't an issue, but the Hornby track just sounded like a bag of nails in comparison to the Tillig.

Anyways, as I can't complete the points and therefore full track testing, I decided to build up a couple of laser cut ply kits.
The footbridge looks a litle chunky but it will do until something better comes along. It was a double span, but I only needed a single for my planned platform layout, so I cut'n'shut it !

The Peco station building is made out of two kits, because I wanted a longer one, the kit detail and precision is very impressive IMO, I look forward to making the Peco signal box kit I have.
Obviously everything needs painting and glazing at some point, but that's for another time  Sun


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Received today: More headaches !

The replacement Servo controller came today, working ok so far .... pity same can't be said for the servos !
2 died on me and one kept hunting, and worse still those all popped the wire out and broke the points bar so I am down 3 sets of points.
So I hastily took all the servos out and am sending back for a refund as poor quality, and ordered some hopefully better ones.
With all this bad luck, it dawned on me I have 13 points in the layout, so I will add another siding to make 14 and hopefully lose that bad luck omen !
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Sounds like you have found the source of the problem!

I love puttering with gears

Touch wood, I think I can move forward, servo powered points and track fully tested with a tiny tittle Gerrman shunter (KOF II, smallest wheels, lowest track clearance, shortest wheelbase). Fast and slow speed crossing points no problems.


So this afternoon was spent making my track rust and dirty (well part of it at least).
As it's my first time doing anything like this, I think it turned out OK, once the whole track is done  I will attempt ballast and further weathering.

So the shiny stock track:


And my initial attempt at making a weather worn and rusty effect:

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