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MSCC Slot Rally 2023

MSCC Slot Rally 2023 - reports etc to come in the following months

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

Rally reports - 10th February - TT Grandstand & Little Druidale - 


Slot Rally 2023 sees an update to Standard Class, gone are the 16 manufacturers classes so we now have 5 classes the same as ProStock and Open.  This will be interesting in the coming months to mix SCX, Ninco, Fly, Scalextric, Scaleauto and others.

Seven club members tonight, it was nearly eight but Ed had to return home with 1:1 car problems.

With Little Druidale recently resurfaced, gone are the umpteen cleaning laps required before the event starts.

The 3D printed stone walls look good on Druidale with a couple of volunteers to finish painting them.  Chris is working on gorse hedging, Mike H has plans for trees and surrounding scenery is in the process of being made.

Three Standard classes had competition for class win
Brian & Geoff in Standard Classic, the Abarth 131 was quicker on both Rally stages, Geoff’s XK120 suffering badly with rear axle tramp.
Geoff & Mike H in Standard 2WD, this was the closest class of all tonight, Mike’s ‘Steady Eddy’ Celica doing a great job of going going…going and was only one second behind the big Aston Martin overall but was two seconds quicker on Druidale.
Kev & Chris were competing in Standard 4WD, Kev’s Scooby a few seconds quicker on both stages than Chris’s Citroen C4.



ProStock was most popular again with competition in three classes
 Kev & Mike H in ProStock Classic, Mike’s Alpine A310 going much better on TT Grandstand than Druidale, Kev’s Merc SLC was his second best car tonight. 
Brian & Mike H in ProStock 80’s, the 6R4 was a few seconds quicker on both stages but the RS200 was Mike’s quickest car overall
ProStock 2WD is always busy, eight cars tonight, NSR, Scaleauto and SlotIt are great performers, Kev’s Nissan R32 was the car to follow tonight with Mike B, Geoff & Chris the chasing group headed by Mike’s Porsche GT3.  This was Mike’s Kev’s & Geoff’s quickest overall run tonight.  Mike B had three cars in this class and Geoff had two.  Brian opting to drive the Peugeot 208 in this class instead of the Renault Megane.



Two Open classes had competition tonight
Open Small Classic is one of Andy’s favourite classes, tonight chose to drive a Mercedes 300SLR, Chris driving an Alpine A110S and looking at the stage times looks like he struggled on Druidale, the Merc finishing comfortably ahead.
Open 2WD was the most popular Open class and is usually where the quickest overall times of the evening are seen.  Andy’s Ferrari F40 may seem a strange choice for a Rally car but one has definitely been rallied and comfortably won it’s class tonight.  Brian’s Peugeot 206 has been nearer the sharp end of the overall comparison chart on a regular basis but had to make do with runner up in class.  Looking at the results chart it looks as though Chris’s Revo Toyota had a little trouble on TT Grandstand but went well on Druidale.


Other cars seen as solo class entries tonight
Kev’s Fly BMW M1 gets round more like a ProStock, a superb Standard class car with new tyres on the back and ballast inside. 
Mike B’s 4WD Scooby in ProStock 4WD was his second best car tonight and seemed to go much better on Druidale than on TT Grandstand.
Andy’s 80’s Porsche 959 and 4WD Mitsubishi were the two quickest cars in the overall comparison chart, the Mitsubishi being the quicker of the two.

Class winners - Brian, Kev, Geoff, Mike B & Andy

Comparison chart



Next week we’re racing Small Sports/Saloons and Group 5’s

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Rally reports - 16th March - TT Grandstand & Little Druidale - 

A good turnout tonight, seven drivers and 28 cars.

We tried an experiment, after everyone ran their first two cars, the first two drivers swapped over to the other stage.  What should have happened was after everyone had run another two cars the first two drivers of this second round would swap stages.  This didn’t happen, it needs organising better next time so everyone sees all the cars in action and makes it easier for the report writer.
…I know that’s totally confusing to read but it was good to see most of the cars in action rather than just the ones in our group.

Standard - five Standard class cars were raced, the only contested class was Standard 2WD with MikeH getting the best time with his Toyota Celica GT4 (or is that GT2) finished ahead of Ed’s Cossie.
- Geoff’s Jag XK120, Ed’s Lancia 037 and Kev’s Peugeot 307 were the other standard cars.

Class wins: Geoff, Ed, Mike H & Kev


ProStock - three Classics, ten 2WD and three 4WD.

- Kev, Mike H and Ed in ProStock Classic.  Ed’s Porsche was his best car overall, Kev’s TR7 had a development chassis (which didn’t work) and Mike’s Alpine A310 was his second best car overall. 
- ProStock 2WD - we were only saying last Slot Rally that Mike B’s NSR Porsche was a class winner, tonight he finished comfortably clear with Brian & Geoff in hot pursuit with NSR, Scaleauto and modified Scaley cars.  Mike B’s Ferrari F430 made a smashing start to his evening…smashing into the walls on a few occasions which didn’t do overall stage times any favours.  Mike H & Ed were the other two drivers with cars in this class.
Geoff’s Peugeot 208 was one of three cars finishing less than a second apart overall in 2WD.
- ProStock 4WD isn’t always the most popular class but three drivers were up for it tonight with Kev’s Citroen Xsara making an appearance and finishing comfortably clear ahead of Mike B & Geoff’s MSC Scooby’s.
- ProStock 80’s, Mike H’s Ford RS200 goes really nicely and was his best car tonight.

Class wins: Kev, Mike H & Mike B


Open - all five classes were represented tonight, 2WD the only class contested
- 2WD, Andy’s Ferrari F40 finishing well clear of Brian’s Peugeot with both cars being their drivers best cars overall tonight.
- Open Small Classic saw the return of Kev’s Alpine A110S after a rebuild and was his second best car overall tonight.  Andy’s Mustang went well again in Open Classic and was his second best car overall.
- Andy’s 80’s Porsche 959 and 4WD Mitsubishi again flying round both Rally stages.

Class wins: Kev & Andy


Comparison chart:



Next week is Mosler ‘Club Challenge' #2

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

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