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MRSlotcar sidewinder FC-130 motor pod

These pods just arrived at the MRSlotcar Toronto location................they are sidewinder pods for FC-130 motors, and will fit,......the Mazda 787B, McLaren F1GTR, and the upcoming Shadow.
For those running on wood, these will be a good upgrade to your MRSlotcar cars.

The pods have a .5mm offset, and, are very stiff, due in part to the Nylon/Glass material used, and a cross brace that runs under the bushings and reinforces the axle uprights.(hard to see the brace in my photo, but, it is there) The pods have holes for motor screws , and come with rear axle bushings (the axle bushings have a 7 thou. recess cut into the circumference of the bore to hold oil).

The axle/motor shaft spacing accepts a 6.5mm pinion coupled with an 18mm Spur, .......or,...depending on the ratios you are trying to achieve for you track/motor used, you can use a 5.5mm pinion and 19mm Spur, or a 7.5mm pinion coupled with a 17mm Spur

These can be ordered directly from MRSlotcar, (Canada)  and I am sure a variety of your favourite shops will have them in stock soon.

Chris Walker

[Image: fetch?id=190046&d=1672513525]
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