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Scorpius Controller

A detailed video on the worlds first 2.4GHz controller.
Suitable for analogue and digital (Scorpius) racing. Analogue requires the wireless analogue module (receiver and power) which plugs into any analogue driver station. For digital it is used in conjunction with the Scorpius car decoder.

Resolution for controller is 255 steps, the most if any controller. This gives better control and therefore faster lap times. It is configurable on screen 0-100% in 1% increments and you can chose up to ten pre-written throttle curves stored in the controller and selectable as you drive.

Resolution for braking is also 255 steps. It is configurable on screen 0-100% in 1% increments.

Refresh rates are the highest of any wireless controller at 100 per second.

Battery life also leads the market at 3 months for typical user. It is also maintenance free. In stock now.

WAM receiver details here. It’s 50A.

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Reviewed HERE.

Heres a video on the Scorpius WAM (Wireless Analogue Module).
It’s bullet proof. It’s rated at 50A and allows 256 throttle and 256 brake steps. Available now.

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