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Info Printable SlotRacer Calendar

By massive popular demand....         ...the free, downloadable, printable, SlotRacer calendar is back. Wrench

By which I mean that Brian reminded me that I forgot to do one this year, and should probably sort it out for 2023, especially now that we're all getting back to actually doing stuff, rather than just sitting at home.


It has a year to a page frontispiece for easy reference, then separate pages for each month with plenty of room for your notes, reminders and the dreaded 'to do' list. Each page features one of Doug's fabulous slot car photos, and the calendar prints at a standard A4 size.
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Thanks...some great photos there  Thumbup

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Credit for the photos goes to Doug Johnson.

I think he's the best slot car photographer out there, and we're very lucky that he's been kind enough to keep sharing his work with us, and allowing us to use it as we see fit.

His work obviously speaks for itself, but his generosity to us has been outstanding.
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Thank you, Jason and Doug!  Thumbup
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(28th-Nov-22, 09:48 PM)KensRedZed Wrote:  Thank you, Jason and Doug!  Thumbup

I don't know many Canadians, but the the two of you certainly make me think well of the place.
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The 2024 SlotRacer Calendar is now available to download...


It's in a similar format to last year's calendar, with a year per page at the front, twelve month per page sheets, and week numbers at the back, plus it's got more of Doug's fabulous photos. The main change is that I've added  more space next to the dates.

The link below is a 9mb pdf, with high quality images, but you might have to be a little patient if your internet is slow.

2024 SlotRacer Calendar
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Thank you Jason and Doug, this looks the bees knees  Thumbup
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Very cool calendar! Thanks a million!!!  Thumbup
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Thank you gents. Thumbup

Jason thanks for all your wonderful work on this and Doug for your fantastic pics!!
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