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Question track clips

This Q is a long shot. I have a very old 1st generation Triang scalextric set (60 yrs or so) where the track requires metal clips to hold it together. Does anyone know if its possible to find replacement clips

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A long shot indeed, most get junked but try an email to Phil Smith LINK.

He has a lot of spare parts that are not listed on his website and keeps many obscure things.

Hello Scotsman, 

Not tried these on slot-car track but have used them a lot for clipping sheets of paper together.  The larger sizes would be worth trying. You need the special tool to fit them but can be removed in the same manner as the original Scalextric clips.

Ebay Linky to Supaclips

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As Scotsman posted this question then never bothered to return and view the answers I am probably wasting my time on this one but 3DP track joining clips are available on eBay at a very reasonable price if anybody else is interested. LINK
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