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WHO Digital Saturday Sept 2022 - Goodwood Revival


Finally, we get to enjoy our long-planned homage to the Goodwood Revival - featuring models of classic cars that raced before 1967. The format is very similar to our regular digital Saturdays, but the classes are different. Don’t worry if you haven’t got suitable cars to bring - there’s a Goodwood Club Car Rotation, a St Mary’s pairs race, a classic GT team race, plus loaners for the Whitsun Trophy sportscar race. It should be a lot of fun - and we have plans to make our Goodwood Saturday an annual highlight on the WHO calendar.

This Saturday’s event is the first of four all-day Digital Saturdays between now and the end of the year.

Goodwood Revival Digital Saturday - 24 September 2022. 10am - 5pm.

Regulations and formats can be found here: 

Mike has come up with this flowing track design, which contains some elements of the Goodwood circuit...


Doors open at 10am - please don’t arrive earlier… unless you are part of the set-up crew, of course! As always, we ask that all racers aged 12 or younger bring a responsible adult with them. Race fees: £6 for adults, £4 for under-16s - or £3/£2 for a half day. We now have pre-pay options, including a WHO/digital season ticket. Ask Terry for details.

Digital Saturday format: There’s time for practice after doors open at 10am, but our club car rotation begins sharp at 10.30am. Please don’t be late - we can't add you to the race once it has started. The rotation is a great way to get into the groove and learn the track. You’ll drive each of the six club cars for two minutes each - including a pit stop. The aim is to complete as many laps as possible. The day then progresses with a mix of individual, team and pairs races - there’s a break for lunch (you’ll need to provide your own) and we aim to finish by 5pm.


Dressing up: Although not obligatory, wearing a flat cap, a retro t-shirt - or even a full 1950s or 1960s outfit - will certainly add to the atmosphere of the day… as it does at the real Revival event. Some advanced warning… we do like to see a Christmas jumper or festive hat at our December Digital Saturday!

Covid precautions: Covid cases are much lower at the moment, but are predicted to rise again through the autumn. It seems sensible to keep our usual common-sense precautions in place to keep vulnerable members of the extended WHO family safe. The main thing is to stay away if you have any symptoms that could be Covid. Inside the Barn, wearing a face mask, practising good hand-hygiene and giving each other space are non-negotiable requirements. We will ensure as good ventilation as possible - and also have hand sanitiser and spare masks available if you forget your own. Any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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My cars for three of the classes...


Revell Cobra Daytona (with an Olifer chassis) for Kinrara, Carrera '57 Chevy for St Mary's and a Scalextric GT40 for the Whitsun Trophy.

Sadly, my Richmond Trophy Maserati will need to wait until 2023 - together with a Lotus 40 for Whitsun - but there is the Carrera Ferrari 365P2 as a loaner for Whitsun.
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Eighteen of us had a cracking day of Goodwood Revival fun. All the results, reports and video will follow, but here are a few images to whet your appetites...




Apart from some fabulous-looking cars, the racing was breathtakingly good too - a lively club car rotation to start the day, then a surprise winner in the Richmond Trophy, a tie in the St Mary's Trophy, an enthralling three-way battle for the Kinrara team race win... and ending with a very fast and eventful twelve-car Whitsun Trophy race.

A very big thank you to everyone who came along - especially the set-up team, the race control crew and to those who stayed to pack away. Unusually, we were done and dusted comfortably by 5pm - and Mike was home in plenty of time for Strictly.
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Race Report Part One - Morning Session

An early start for the set-up crew made quick work of constructing Mike's Goodwood-inspired layout. As we discovered in 2015, a Goodwood replica doesn't make a satisfactory slot racing circuit - but Mike borrowed elements from our local race track, essentially Woodcote corner going through a single-lane chicane. With some wonderful back and forth on the left side of the Barn, it made a near-perfect digital racing track for these models of classic cars.


After a 30-minute practice and shakedown session - plus Stephen's Digital Driving School for newcomers Owen and Steve - and we were all ready to learn the track in the club car rotation...


Our seventeen drivers would race for 2 minutes with each of the six Goodwood Scalextric club cars - three GT40s, a Chaparral 2F, a Ferrari 412P and a Chevy Camaro. The final three were slightly out of period... the Camaro a last minute replacement, but a nice reminder of pre-WHO/digital days in 2012-13 when we were exploring Scalextric digital and SSDC in Mike's conservatory.


The rotation is all about maximising the number of laps with every car - however good or bad they might be. The Chaparral was certainly awesome, the black GT40 a little less so - and the Camaro handled differently from the sleek prototypes. The RCS64 software was set up with fuel and tyre simulations, requiring one pit stop around half way - getting that done when the pit lane was empty was an advantage. The parts of a lap on the yellow car (the black GT40) were recorded as a potential tie-breaker.


The racing was exciting as always. Mike and Andy the early leaders, but then Ryan took the lead, only to lose out by half a lap to his older brother. Of our debutants, Owen managed an impressive eleventh place, with Steve having a disastrous second race - otherwise he'd have been in the mix for twelfth place...


Congrats to Oliver on an immense rotation victory - Ryan finished second to pick up the junior medal...


Ash was running a slick operation on race control, assisted by Oliver, Ryan and Isaac cleaning tyres and lining-up the cars. This kept the morning moving along without delays. Mike and Andy were also busy in the background with scrutineering and programming. The four Richmond trophy cars - three Cartrix and one Scalextric - were ready to go as soon as the rotation results were announced...


The Richmond Trophy class - for front-engined 2.5-litre Grand Prix cars of 1948-60 - is a great exhibition of what our Goodwood day is all about. Very different from our usual fare - these are the first open-wheel cars we've raced at WHO/digital - and certainly a challenge to fit with a digital chip! Congrats to Mike, Simon, Jean and Pete for preparing cars that functioned well and looked great on the track.

A 3-minute practice session saw Jean set the fastest time with his Lancia - 16.182 seconds - followed by Mike's BRM P-25 (16.375), Pete's Vanwall (16.782) and Simon's Maserati 250F (16.984). However, the 20-lap race would be about more than practice times. Mike grabbed the lead off the line, pulling a small gap at the front of the quartet of F1 cars. They weren't the quickest - and the three Cartrix cars were full-throttle for much of the lap - but it was enthralling racing for those marshalling and spectating. The Cartrix cars were all in the pits for fuel in the opening six laps, giving Simon's more frugal Scalextric Maserati a slender lead. All four cars pitted around half distance - with the field still covered by not much more than a lap.


Simon was banging in some impressive lap times whilst saving fuel - the standard Mabuchi in his Maserati more suited to the big, flowing track than the Cartrix ones. Mike pitted a third time, departing the battle for the lead and leaving Simon a lap ahead. The BRM would unlap itself by the end, but only just - giving Simon a thumping win in the inaugural Richmond Trophy race...



After seeing the cars in action, I suspect there will be more 1950s F1 cars next year. The Scalextric Maseratis, Vanwalls and Ferrari 375s will be good-value and competitive options - Simon using the standard tyres on his winning car. Expect a small rule change to allow the Scalextric motor cans to be used in the Cartrix models - and George Turner kits are also eligible with standard Scalextric, Carrera or PSR (S-Can and FF) motors.

We were a little short on kits, re-liveries and scratchbuilt cars this year. Most of our WHO/digital racing uses Ready-to-Run (RTR) models, so the more creative side is something our Goodwood events will gradually grown into. However, we did have five entries into the concours d'élégance competition, which all the racers voted on during the lunch break...


People voted for the first, second and third choices - with Oliver's #22 Monogram Ford Galaxie re-livery the resounding winner of the poll.


Congrats to Oliver and Gary for producing a great-looking car that was the clear favourite. We'd see how the Galaxie would run in the first race of the afternoon...
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Is that Terry in the flat cap and splendid pink shirt? Very Goodwood.

The lad next to him in the Hoonigan hoodie is NOT very Goodwood  Rofl
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Race Report Part Two - Afternoon

Oli joined us for the afternoon, pairing up with Mike for the eight-car St Mary's Trophy pairs race. This used a format we developed in 2018-19, designed to maximise the St Mary's vibe whilst minimising the number of heats necessary. Instead of two completely separate races of two heats, we dovetailed the pairs' races into three heats. As with the real St Mary's trophy, this race for saloon cars sees each driver complete a full race (no driver changes) and the result is the aggregate of the two drivers' heat scores. Our races today would last for 10 minutes.


Heat A saw two two Alan Mann liveries Lotus Cortinas. Jean's Revel version was loaned to Isaac and Kevin, with Jean choosing to sit out - Terry shared his Scalextric model with Matthew. There were also two Galaxies - Oliver and Ryan sharing the Concours-winning Monogram car, Pete and Jerome borrowing Mike's George Turner model. Andy would start the Carrera Chevy Bel Air he'd share with Ash - and a second Carrera monster was driven by Stephen, with Steve and Owen sharing the second heat for that car.


There was some cracking racing - a huge difference between the cars in terms of handling, but not ultimately in laps completed. Despite some initial braid issues, Ryan took the purple Galaxie to top spot on 30.5 laps, just ahead of the other big Ford driven by Jerome. Third was the Bel Air, Stephen fourth in the Plymouth, equal on 26.5 laps with Matthew driving the Scalextric Cortina - Kevin was sixth with the Revell car.


Heat B was made up of the remaining two cars - another Scalextric Cortina driven by Duncan (Simon would take race two) and Mike's George Turner Rowan Atkinson Ford Falcon, which would be driven by Oli in this heat. Three more cars joined in for their second races - Oliver driving the purple Galaxie, Ash in the Carrera Bel Air, plus Steve and Owen racing 5 minutes each in the Plymouth. The purple Ford was victorious again, Oliver two and a half laps ahead of Oli in the Falcon. Ash came in third with the Chevy, Duncan fourth and the shared Plymouth fifth.


That left five cars to complete their second races and shake up the results. Three pairs seemed most likely to take the win - Oliver and Ryan had already finished with a combined total of 65 laps, could Pete in the other Galaxie or Mike in Falcon beat that benchmark? Those two were the stand-out cars from the start, but Terry also showed great skill to get the most out a Scalextric Cortina - partly rebuilt by Jean during the previous heat. Simon and Isaac in the other two Cortinas gradually lost touch with the leading three. Going into the final minutes, it looked as if Mike had the race wrapped up... but then a late extra stop to change deteriorating tyres threw the cat amongst the pigeons. Pete got through into the lead and looked as if he'd be close to the overall victory target. Leaving the pits, Mike was fully-focussed on squeezing every last drop of speed out of the light blue Falcon, just getting through the finish line for the 33 laps he thought he needed.

Pete finished with 34.50 laps, enough for an aggregate of 64.25 - just three quarters of a lap short of Oliver and Ryan. Mike's 33 laps added to Oli's 32 gave a score of 65.00 laps - it was a tie for the win!



Congrats to our two pairs of winners - and hard luck to Jerome and Pete. What a great race! And with his storming drive in heat three, Terry secured an excellent fourth for a tricky-to-drive slim-can-motored Cortina. Bravo!

Next was the centre-piece of the day - the Kinrara Trophy team race. Finally we had 18 drivers in a race, a perfect number for six teams of three. The Kinrara Trophy race (now the Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy) was the Friday evening race at Goodwood Revival that ends after the sun has set. It's a magical race with a quite incredible collection of priceless early-60s GT machinery.


We didn't do badly to replicate a fancy grid - Oli's Ninco Cobra, Simon's Carrera DB5, Jean's Scalextric Ferrari 250 GTO, Mike's GTM E-Type Jag, Andy's Revell Cobra Daytona, plus a very out-of-place Camaro club car! The Aston Martin and Chevy were replacements for Alex and Jeremy's cars - sadly neither were able to attend this time. Race Control negotiated with car owners to make up six teams - and after a three minute practice session, we were ready to race. The times from that session meant the Cobra Daytona started from pole (14.649 seconds), the Cobra second (16.081), E-Type third (16.281), Ferrari fourth (16.749), Aston fifth (17.101) and Camaro sixth (17.460). The room lights were dimmed and we were off...


The 45-minute race would have a driver change at 15 and 30 minutes. Isaac led the early stages in the Ninco Cobra, getting the jump on Matthew in the Cobra Daytona, who was also passed by Pete in the E-Type. Ryan was fourth in the Ferrari - all four on the same lap until the pit stops began. The leading Cobra was using the most fuel and therefore the first to pit, dropping Isaac down to fourth - Ryan briefly out front as the Ferrari was last to stop. Halfway through the first stint and with everyone fuelled, Pete led Matthew, Ryan, Isaac, Steve in Camaro and Terry in the DB5 - the gap first to sixth was just over five laps, the top four still covered by a lap.


At the first driver change, Pete handed over the Jag to Jerome with a two lap lead over Oliver, who was now driving the Ferrari. One lap further back, Kev took over the Ninco Cobra, just ahead of Andy who'd taken charge of his Cobra Daytona. Duncan in the DB5 and Owen in the Camaro were neck-and-neck, seven laps behind the leader. It proved a frustrating stint for the DB5 crew - a late addition to the grid, the car started to fall back with various issues that just couldn't be solved. Simon would retire the car a few minutes into the final stint. Meanwhile, the battle for race win continued. At half distance, fuel consumption was starting to play into the Ferrari's hands, Oliver taking the lead from Jerome - Andy had clawed the Daytona back into contention just behind the Jaguar and just in front of the Ninco Cobra - the top four now separated by just over a lap. Owen had held the gap to the leaders at six laps.


Five minutes before the final driver change and the top three were still on the same lap - Jerome and Andy pitting to allow the more frugal Ferrari back into lead, which Oliver held going into the final driver change... Jean, Mike and Ash were all locked on 99 laps, Oli four laps back in his Ninco Cobra and Stephen eight laps off the lead in the Camaro. Simon's DB5 was still going 27 laps back, but would soon be out. After such a close 30 minutes, the victory would surely be down to who drove the best final 15 - those of us not driving sat back and enjoyed the spectacle...


Over the first five minutes, Mike managed to pull out a lap over Jean - Ash holding on in third, another lap down. Despite the Ferrari's better fuel economy, Mike was driving his Jag superbly and stretched his lead - 3 laps with 5 minutes to go, 4 laps with two minutes to go and that's how it stayed at the end. It was a magnificent race-winning performance. Ash had managed to keep Jean in his sights until the final stages, but a late pit stop added more distance - 3 laps at the end. Oli's Cobra had lost ground too - finishing six laps behind Ash. Stephen brought the Camaro home just two laps behind Oli...



Congratulations to Mike, Pete and Jerome on an excellent team effort and an inaugural Kinrara Trophy victory. We'd been thinking of some tweaks to the format... but after such a thrilling race, Kinrara will most definitely be back next year!

Turning the lights back on to match a beautifully sunny day outside, we heading into the final event of the day - the Whitsun Trophy, using our new Muscle Car Mondiale format.


Twelve sports prototypes were split into two ten-minute heats, the car seeded by its driver's club car rotation result. The top three from each heat would progress to a five-minute sprint race to wrap up our 2022 WHO/digital Goodwood Revival. Although intended as an individual driver race, some cars were shared - and there were a few loaners out there, including a couple from the rotation fleet.


Heat One saw Pete and Jerome take the race by the scruff of its neck in the Ferrari 412P club car. A winning score of 34 laps put them just ahead of Simon in his stunning Fly Porsche Carrera 6. A lap behind - on 33 laps - was Oli's Fly GT40 MkII. Out of the qualifying places, but also on 33 laps were Oliver and Ryan, giving the black GT40 MkII club car a great ten minute run. Ash and Steve brought Andy's Carrera Ferrari 365 P2 home with 32 laps, just ahead of Stephen and Owen with the blue GT40 club car.


The second heat was rather more spread out. Jean had a frustrating time with his Revell Lola T70, retiring after nine laps. Isaac also had problems, his GT40 MkII limping home with 14 laps. Matthew and Kev managed double that score with their GT40 MkII, but not enough to qualify. That all-important third place went to Terry's Revell John Surtees Lola T70 with 29 laps. Out front - and having the time of their lives - were Mike and Andy with a George Turner McLaren M1A and a Scalextric GT40. Running just feet apart for most of the race, dealing with slower traffic and pit stops, it looked like Mike had a half lap advantage going into the closing stages. Maybe he was swinging the McLaren through the final corner way too fast, but one of his final laps didn't register - handing the heat victory to Andy. There's now a big note on the track plan for next year - add some more straights before the powerbase!


The final 5-minute sprint started with bad luck for Andy - a no-go from pole position. By the time the braid plate issue was sorted, the whole field had a lap on the Gulf GT40, the leaders nearly two laps. That's racing. Mike gradually pulled away from the field, Simon best of the rest and keeping in touch, Terry plugging away in the slightly under-powered Lola - getting the better of Pete and Jerome's Ferrari. Oli's Fly Ford was the first car Andy caught and passed on a most enjoyable recovery drive - a succession of fastest laps getting the Scalextric GT40 back in the pack. Within the final half minute, he was back on the same lap as Mike and closing in on Simon - lining up a move for second... sadly, time ran out.


Congrats to Mike on a classy win with his majestic McLaren - Simon and Andy joining him for the final podium of the day. All the racing was over by 4.30pm - a record for a Digital Saturday we think, but also a good trial of our plans for a new slimmed-down Saturday format. There will be some significant changes for 2023, with each Saturday having a more defined theme, but a mix of formats.


It was time to pack away, so - once again - a very big thank you to everyone who helped make our WHO Goodwood Revival such an enjoyable day of Scalextric digital racing!

A highlights video will follow...
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