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Donington Melange 1931-2004

I've finally got enough space to start my take on Donington Park.
I have a wonderful book called Donington Park The Pioneers and it has track layouts from 1931-present day.

Because I reallly like the older cars and the MotoGP bikes I've decided to make half the track circa 1931 and the other half 2004, hence the Melange part of the name.
The 1930's section is from the old Redgate Lodge up to the Old Hairpin Bend.
The start section use to be in between Craner Curves and Old Hairpin so this is where mine will be.

The 2004 section will start from Starky's Bridge just before McLeans and from Coppice Corner heading to the Dunlop Bridge straight, I've decide to make the straight all the way to Redgate Corner so I have a really nice straight to stretch the cars/bikes legs, so unfortunetly Fogarty Esses won't exist (I prefered Aaron Slight anyway Rofl)

I already have a long stainless bench attached to my wall so I've only had to add leg sections for support.
I'm using Insulation board for the base in 3 sections and will build up the gradiants with thicker insulation boards.
With the fences and gravel traps I will use some of the scalextric ones and blend them in and some I will make with  building up/blending insulation board.
I've just put some fences in place to test the track so I don't damage cars.
This will be my start finish area.
Then up to McLeans and Coppice.
Then the main straight up to Redgate which will have the Old Original Dunlop Bridge just before Redgate Lodge on to Hollwood.
I have spent the last few evenings tweaking heights of elevation to see if cars and my bikes can handle the track, this bit has been enjoyable.
As you know this will take a long time but I think that's part of the fun as I love the building process.

I hope you enjoy watching my progress, I'm quite buzzing to have finally started.

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