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Arrr, Jim lad.

A little necessary silliness to lighten the current sombre mood as the state funeral approaches. Next Monday 19th is also 'International talk like a pirate day'. LINK

So shiver me timbers and hoist the mainsail. Why are they called pirates? Because they arrrgh!
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Hi Gordon ,is that your feral cat??

Cabin crew to doors and cross check....

Sorry I thought you meant Pilot.

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(12th-Sep-22, 08:12 PM)Fluff Wrote:  Hi Gordon ,is that your feral cat??

Which one? Sun

The original, aggressive one took a long holiday (i'm not sure he was in on the planning) up to near the coast when we drove up to Caen to look at kitchens.

However, as one man falls etc..... The new one is actually quite passive and after the usual spitting, snarling and mock aggression, our three basically ignore him now. I guess he realises he's outnumbered.

Peace reigns for now....Jim lad!

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