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Is there some way to import an image file into Ultimate Racer 3.0, for the purpose of using it as an overlay to build scale tracks?  
It makes sense there would be, but I don't see it.

Yes. There are two ways to do it.

The first is through the Autoshapes toolbar. You have to make sure it's turned on, so go to View > Toolbars and check that Autoshapes is ticked, if not then tick it. This is usually a little toolbar at the top of the screen, which has a line tool, a rectangle tool, and over to the right of that little section, a picture file tool, represented by the typical two mountains and sun symbol.

The second is through the Scenery Objects toolbar which you can switch on in the same way, but this one is more configurable and less likely appear at the top, but it's more like the track sections block which you can put anywhere on your screen. The last item in the Accessories tab is a folder icon, where you can load up a picture.

The tricky part for me has always been resizing the image whilst keeping it's proportions. Most other software allows a click and drag with either shift or ctrl to maintain an images proportions, but with UR I've never found a way to do it simply. The only way I've managed it is to right click on the image and go to properties, then adjust the width and depth with the help of a calculator.
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