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UK HO Drag Proxy - Pancake Power - Sept 2022

Micro Scalextric Street Stock Final

Have we had a Jane vs Jeremy Street Stock final before? I have a sense of Déjà vu...


Anyway, this is what happened in real time and slo-mo...

None the wiser? Both cars had excellent runs - neck-and-neck over the first half of the strip...


And that continued all the way down to the finish line...


This is what the scoreboard said...


The slimmest of margins and identical times, but the history books will record just one thing - victory to Jeremy!


This is the Street Stock ladder...


And all the stats from the elimination rounds...


And that's the end of the action on the Eighth Mile for the eighteenth time. There's till the matter of Best in Show - and I also wanted to come back to Bill about how I've laid the Micro Scalextric track... we actually ran on a resurfaced strip this time, mostly using track pieces from the same batch as I sent to North Carolina. That'll have to wait until tomorrow.
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Huge congrats to Jeremy!!!!!!!!

Really great races again!!!!!!! Thanks again Andy for making this possible!!!!!!!

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Well, knock me down with a feather, Trevor! 

That car is not good for my heart, but thank you Andy for managing to get every last ounce of grunt out of it. Apologies to all my opponents for all the drama. The massive great fireball exit will have to wait for another time.

Now, how am I going to break the news to Jane...

I love puttering with gears
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Wow! What a final in Street Stock!

And yet another race with Iain that was decided by thousandths of a second.  Good race!
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Anyone in for a TFX show run?

Got my Aurora set up already!


My cars retuned home safely.

Thanks a million for the door prizes!

Thanks to Andy for hosting!
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Mine arrived today as well! Thanks again Andy!!!!!!

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Mine made it safely back to the shop as well.
Thanks again Andy!
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Just a heads-up that I will almost certainly need to postpone the next race.

Can you let me know which you'd prefer:
  • a rather imprecise end-of-November / sometime in early-ish December, or
  • a definite 10-11 January 2023
Neither options should delay you sending your cars, if they are ready for the advertised date.

If you can let me know asap. Thanks!

I would think the January date would be better as it will give the international entries more chance on getting the cars to you. There maybe delays with the postal service coming up to Christmas. There also seem to be delays at Heathrow customs at the moment, my cars from the last race in America have been in customs for a couple of weeks before moving. The previous package from America was delayed for three weeks after arriving in England Tappingfoot.
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