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UK HO Drag Proxy - Pancake Power - Sept 2022


I found my magnatraction car. Please put me down for one of those as well?

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Got word that my cars arrived!
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Hi Andy,  Are you able to include a Match Race in the forthcoming Pancake Power event? Clive and I would like to race a couple of early skinny tyre Aurora T-jet cars. Bodyshells and mechanicals will be stock. The only allowable modifications will be braided pickups; new brushes and silicon tyres. The absence of traction magnets and use of skinny tyres will probably guarantee slow times, but it should be interesting to see how these classics perform on the strip!  Iain
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Sounds good! I will update the opening post over the weekend. Quite a few cars have arrived already - including Kev's, Bill's and the Burleys'.
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CWU members are taking strike action on 26 and 31 August and 8 and 9 September 2022. We're sorry for the disruption this is likely to cause you. We're doing what we can to keep services running, but customers should expect significant disruption. 

Some days, life is a turd of hurdles.
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I've updated the entry list on the opening post - and it looks like we have at least 60 cars on their way. I'll sort out the match-racing line-ups when I have all the cars in front of me.

As for the postal strike... There is definitely disruption and knock-on delays after the strikes. We have eleven days until we're scheduled to start racing. It's probably an idea for the remaining UK entrants (Clive and Iain) to get their cars on the road asap. Nico and Alex were planning to use DHL, which shouldn't be impacted by the industrial action. I would imagine Ken's priority AirMail package will be front of the queue for deliveries. If there are any delays, I am perfectly happy to hold the racing until all the cars have arrived.
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Unfortunately Axels cars were routed to Denmark instead to Austria (we wanted to send our cars together). So Axels cars will not make it. 

I will send my cars tomorrow with DHL, details will be forwarded to Andy.

Hope they will make it in time.......

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Box of cars posted today. With luck it should be delivered tomorrow.

Looking forward to the racing next week Checkeredflag  Iain
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Ken’s box has arrived from Toronto  Thumbup
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Andy, My cars are on the way, I hope they get there in time as the postmen are on strike again. There are a couple of resin bodies and some blower parts for prizes included. Thumbup
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