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Slotting Car Proxy Club

(20th-May-24, 11:58 AM)Kevan Wrote:  Going back to your post Graham regarding options, my choice would be Option 2 Trans Am mainly because we're already running a GT proxy at the moment with GT1's so fancy a change.

...I love the idea of a Group C/LMP/LMH event though, a Le Mans special?

Twice a year we have a Le Manx (Le Mans with a Manx twist) night, two different eras on the night, Classics in the first era Group C/LMP in the other, both are great fun but the Gr.C/LMP is surprisingly quick racing.

Foremost I was thinking of the expressed desire to run a "Revoslot" proxy and how I could build a proxy which accommodates them into a series which I feel would have sufficient support within our UK based group of proxy enthusiasts etc. I think both these examples would work in the most recent format proposed, and is inclusive to both those with or without the Revo's who might enter.  I think the motor issue or other details can be put aside until at least one of the themes has been chosen, as it is the topic which matters the most as a starting position. I like both themes equally as well, so I don't really want to show any preference, but if my entry in the current US GP2 Revoslot goes really well or otherwise, that might change  Bigsmile

OK that makes more sense now

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

Wavegreen Good afternoon

Classic Road Race Proxy Spring 2025
I have made some radical changes to my earlier proposals, as I have tended towards following the "National Rally Slot Car" rules for the proxy next year.

a) There will be no metal chassis permitted.
b) There is no minimum track clearance
c) wheels diameters are "to be to scale"
d) motors in all events to be in line configuration.

However I will retain the eligible motor list which will be limited to the motors which show less tendency to track magnetic traction and high torque.

I am expecting to launch this proxy with the Rules, after we finish the current proxy.
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Finally!! The little blue one can come out and play.

c) wheel diameters to be to scale

Where are you getting a definitive list of wheel sizes for all these cars?

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

(28th-May-24, 06:52 AM)Kevan Wrote:  c) wheel diameters to be to scale

Where are you getting a definitive list of wheel sizes for all these cars?

No, I don't propose to be checking every wheel size at the start of this proxy. Basically the wheel size should look right and not look undersize for the type/era of car, but I will be checking that front and rear wheels are of the same size, if not I will apply a penalty at the end of the series.
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That sounds good to me Graham .. simple and clear. I like. 

My two for the Goodwood Proxy

1962 Costin Lister Jaguar
AA Bodies body
JS Chassis
Slot it gearing
Pendle motor and wheels / tyres

Triumph Dolomite Sprint
JS 3D Printed body
JS Chassis
Slot it Flat 6 motor
Slot it gearing
Staffs white wheels
NSR Tyres

                            Track test this week to see how far behind everyone else I will be. Tease
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should that be 'staffs white wheels ' 
or do you not like them 
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I was just thinking the same thing myself.

S & W are quite clowe on the keyboard. Tease

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