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2022 GT3 Proxy Race #7

Gentlemen, the race has been run. Some technical problems but finally get them
sorted out after troubleshooting.

I’ll be posting the video on YouTube as a premiere at a specific time on Saturday. I’m hoping for Saturday morning if all goes well with compiling. I’ll be posting the time hopefully later tonight.
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YouTube Link:

Aug 6, Saturday 9:00 AM Pacific Time
6:00 AM Hawaii Time
5:00 PM  BST

[Image: 2507-A63-E-2-B7-F-490-B-96-B1-0-D9-B3-E96-D733.jpg]
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Here is the final results

[Image: E05-A0942-DBBC-45-E2-9-E5-F-D2-F2-E1033401.jpg]

Here are the results of Race #7. Thanks for the help from the members of KSCC to run this race.

- JMS's guide broke in warm up, actually on his second turn. Very unfortunate, I wanted to see how his Scaleauto AS25 tires worked for a full four minutes plus see how much debris was on his tires afterwards. The guide has now been replaced with a SICH 85 advanced guide (placed at the same height). It is a different guide than original but it is the same advanced forward length. The car runs the same now as it did before.
- PK CZ finished 3rd. I could tell his traction was a little down from qualifying. Front and rear tires were cleaned very well before each heat and at the end of each four minute heat there was a lot of debris on both sets of tires, meanwhile many other cars including my car when the tires were cleaned there was hardly any debris on the tires. By the time PK CZ raced in the 26th heat approximately 750 to 800 laps were completed a lot more rubber on the track versus during qualifying when each car only ran 12 laps.
- PK CZ while his traction was down a little he still finished third , a testament to how well built this car is.
- Aloha's second place car is fantastic, reminds me of his car last season.
- A bunch of cars had very dirty front tires after each heat.....both coated and rubber tires. Then on the other hand there was cars with very clean front tires. We cleaned all four tires before each heat until the tape came out clean so every car starts with equal tire condition.
- Amazes me how you can have cars with very dirty tires after four minutes while other cars still look clean. Must be the tire compound or even the process people true their tires.
- The yellow outside lane is by far the toughest lane. I don't even enjoy that lane. The blue outside lane and center lane is my favorite.
- Most positions are very tight. Such great cars!
- Jimmy's and Redlynr's cars will have their wings reattached.
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Well done Rob/Cgyracer...that last heat really showed your car at it's best!

Well done OXO Cube, your car's getting better and better.

I love puttering with gears

(7th-Aug-22, 05:59 PM)BARacer Wrote:  Well done Rob/Cgyracer...that last heat really showed your car at it's best!

Well done OXO Cube, your car's getting better and better.

yep  , in another 100 rounds it could win a race hehehehe 
seriously though , im happy with its performance so far , and im not last  Thumbup
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Some additional pictures:

OXO Cube's car!

[Image: 214-DBE37-48-C9-4-D51-99-F5-6-F10665-E5-...QSm0NkG8g%24]

[Image: E9-AE54-B8-8755-402-B-A841-0435-BD9-CF34...QRdu7yxAg%24]

[Image: D601-DAEC-6-A34-4-F04-AB7-C-C3-CDC2-C8-F...QQoNedRWw%24]

[Image: CD93-F519-D7-C6-46-AF-B3-DA-2-F0-D006726...QSN55m3Fw%24]

[Image: B22-A9-D22-6884-4-B2-F-94-EA-E9-F93871-F...QRSVKO5Ew%24]

[Image: 612-A8057-A6-CC-400-E-AAE5-7-CEC5-CC2932...QS-dMMNFA%24]

[Image: 222-D1-D9-E-3-E85-44-FD-A266-25-C170-A5-...oSqhV1jZA%24]

[Image: 276-F34-DB-F11-C-4055-A896-4-E792-AB42-C...oSfcq-20g%24]

[Image: 38025-DD5-1-AEB-4-BC0-A447-C200-E6-C60-F...oTU1UkKWw%24]

[Image: 4-ED5-A0-DB-FCB4-4-D64-9-D0-D-967-A40-C2...oSFUqapqg%24]

[Image: 62-AF7-DB3-1-FF7-4-D41-BAEB-622287-C894-...oSOVWgAKg%24]

[Image: 62-C083-D8-041-A-4-DEF-A604-405-B1-A3-B6...oTX0KHEkQ%24]

[Image: 7-AEC0-C64-9130-4336-82-A9-12-FE7-BA9-D3...oSHfTs0Cg%24]

[Image: 9-BCDA331-9255-4679-B49-C-18-C58-A1-B015...oTbg9KXag%24]

[Image: 9-DA548-D9-7-F62-4013-AF09-204-F22-FB143...oSzTKywBQ%24]

[Image: A857-E33-B-F266-4-BA9-9-B05-DB0-F248-C86...oSf6yRUTg%24]

[Image: AB625-F66-731-C-476-C-B2-D6-CBC5-CF15-CC...oR0FijAQw%24]

[Image: C09-FED63-F867-457-E-B9-F5-BBAA3-F113-C7...oQf1ZiRAg%24]

[Image: CE20-CF2-E-1-A7-F-463-B-8-B43-4227-FDFCB...oSqrfQVaw%24]

[Image: CF40746-E-3-A7-F-4-F3-A-A105-C178-BB6-B3...oQTQJQrVg%24]

[Image: D9-BB1-F39-C67-F-497-A-A607-357006-D8025...oRyiIglrg%24]

[Image: DA31-F9-FC-468-C-4-DEA-9640-A9813657741-...oTlakdeGQ%24]

[Image: E73-C47-CD-7313-4-D56-A9-FA-38060376-E53...oSN2-W1-w%24]
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Great to see the teamwork in the video.

I love puttering with gears

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