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Group 5 Round 5 (1st August)

Group 5

Kate, Andy, Keven improved their PB’s.
[Image: untitled-1-jpg.313656]

B Final:
Kevin had the lead for the first 2 laps, until Kate flew passed him taking the lead, but only until lap 7, when Kevin, who had settled down took it back, then increased his lead a little, staying there until the end, finishing 1st. This race could have gone to any driver, as they all finished on lap 25, with Kate 2nd, and Alan 3rd. It was a very enjoyable race to watch, with a few bits of exciting drama. Kate was 0.159 average slower than Kevin, and Alan was 0.068 average slower than Kate.

A Final:
Andy and I swopped the lead 4 times, we were literally side by side, practically lap after lap, till around lap 21, where I seemed to fall back a fraction, and Andy took a well-deserved win. Trevor, although he was lapping very consistently, was not fast enough, came 3rd, and Kevin, who’s times were slower than his B final win, was 4th.

Andy 25
Keith 23
Trevor 21
Kevin 20
Kate 19
Alan 18

Goodwood (No Points just positional results)

Kevin, and me improved our PB’s, and I set a new lap record…
[Image: untitled-2-jpg.313657]

B Final:
Trevor led from start to finish and got choice of lane in the ‘A’. But Kate and Kevin had a race long battle for 2nd spot, they swopped positions on laps 2, 4, 12, and 21, with Kate coming out on top, taking 2nd. This was another race that all drivers finished on lap 25. Kate’s average was 0.115 behind Trevor, and Kevin’s average was 0.226 behind Kate.

A Final:
Andy used a different car for this race, and after a couple of laps probably regretted it, as it gave me the win ticket. He was in 4th place until lap 6, where he took 3rd position from Trevor, Andy then started to claw his way after Alan, who was in 2nd place from the off, and on lap 20 got passed Alan, who then calmly took it back again the next lap, but unfortunately for him Andy nicked it again on the last lap securing 2nd, Alan 3rd, Trevor 4th. (I just hope that Andy uses this car next week)

I, for one, think that both B Finals were tip-top, and like I said earlier could have gone to any driver, especially all finishing on the last lap. It was nice to see some tension and pressure on the drivers faces.

It was also nice having the milkman back from his relaxing holiday.

Next week: Goodwood for points and Saloon as a 2nd class.

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