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Simple weathering

As part of my scenery, I have a Fergie, one of the cheap Atlas models. I always thought it was too shiny!

With a little simple paint and weathering, covered with flat clear, it looks a little bit used, and definitely less shiny...



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Nice job Carver, put a motor in it and see how she runs  Thumbup
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I may have built one or two slot cars that didn't turn out to be super racers... Checkeredflag   This, however, would be beyond my red line! Bigsmile

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Stunning job  Thumbup

Da Vinci brushes and Vallejo paints, my weapon of choice for re working some of my fathers railway stuff, not anywhere near your level though.
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Barn find racer comes to mind  Cool

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Thanks for the comments!
I think I am slowly loading for making a barn find racer. Cool

I really like making things look old and aged, maybe 'cause I am not that new and fresh myself... Sun I find slot cars, in general, too shiny.

Here is an earlier attempt, one of my own woodies. This time I used traditional methods, oil, turpentine, and pigments, splattered on and softened with a cloth.
Plenty of layers, I think a nice result depends a lot on how much patience you have.


Not too shiny, is it? Sun

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That Crewcab is a beauty, absolutely love it.
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