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Multi Purpose Track

I may have been transported to a  parallel universe, I may be living in cloud cuckoo land, and this may be a flight of fancy, or pie in the sky, but......

I had a mad idea for a digital track design that could do everything; that could in effect be a different track every time you raced on it. The track below is the first version, or iteration of a multi purpose slot track concept.

It could obviously be a traditional two lane circuit, with a choice of pit lanes, it would also offer multiple different rally tracks, or perhaps rallycross tracks with joker laps, and it could also work as a SlotNav track.


Is it bonkers or is it brilliant? I think it's both, but I'll let you decide for yourselves.
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I agree with you, boths bonkers & brilliant in equal measures Tease
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The MESAC slot track from the 60's was a similar concept but obviously it was analogue. Must have been a great place to race.
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Hi Jason,

I like your idea, but track length is not most important.
After a while you will drive the same section or lap.You can't avoid that.
A real special stage length is very difficult to copy in scale 1:32. It will always be a compromise.
Maybe your idea is the best to approach it.

I guess two shorter separate special stages, instead of one big track will provide more variety.

Years ago I focused on the most possible track length for my Scalextric lay-out by using only one cross-section and two directions (one lap 2x42m=84m).
The result: After some time I knew every bend in both directions.
Now I prefer shorter scenic tracks.

Success with the creating of your lay-out.

Hub Thumbup
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Hi Hub,

The idea of the track is definitely not to provide maximum track length, it's to provide maximum variation.

Obviously there is a two lane track for 2-6 digital cars, with various options for the pit lane.

There is also the option to run rallycross races with six different options for the joker lap.

Then there are at least eleven different single lane tracks, I think, not including any fancy combinations.

And finally there is the option of using it as a SlotNav track.

That's at least 24 different variations, or 23 more than most tracks. Obviously that doesn't necessarily make it better, it's just different. It's another option which I thought was worth presenting, more as an idea for people to think about, rather than something I'm planning to build. I have other plans and they haven't changed.
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Your idea is certainly worth presenting. 
Maybe it is the trigger for someone to start its own version that fits into the space available. Thumbup
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Looks like a cracking idea to me  Thumbup
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I think this would be an awesome concept for a home track. Picking up a car and just 'running some laps' takes on a different meaning when that drive isn't constrained by a simple lap. Using the lane change button, you can take the car on a journey and emerse yourself in the moment. It's one of the possibilities of digital that hasn't really been tapped.

Of course, it lends itself perfectly to landscaping and can be a long-term scenic project. To race with friends and family, there's all the digital formats to use on the 'main' layout, plus it would be loads of fun as a six-car rallycross track, offers a collection of rally stage in a 'single venue' and definitely has huge SlotNav potential. But the genius of it is for slot car enthusiasts who mostly run on their own.

How big a space is needed for that design?
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(14th-Jul-22, 10:34 PM)JasonB Wrote:  Is it bonkers or is it brilliant?

It is bonkers but I am a great fan of outright lunacy so keep up the good work. Bigsmile
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(18th-Jul-22, 10:25 AM)woodcote Wrote:  How big a space is needed for that design?

It's quite big, 5.4 x 2m
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