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!970's Formula 1

Being an Old phart, the sixties and the seventies are far and aaway my favourite period for F1 (hate to say I dont watch it al all any more, even though I am an avid Ferrari fan).

I have started taking photo's of my cars from this period, and I still have a lot that are packed away, and will get out in coming weeks to add here.

If you have any pics for this period of car, PLEASE feel free to add them here - I personally love looking at other collections and builds.

In no special order. Most of this first batch are Betta and Classic fibreglass bodies. The shadow is a new resin body. A couple of Policars in as well.


The Tyrell is a wonderfully revamped Scalextric car.

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We have an official race class in 1/24 with lexan bodys. More 60s class, but still ...... we love those cars!!!!!




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I'll be honest, current F1 is now dead to me, the final nail being smashed in the coffin at the end of last seasons FIArseco riddled event.

Anyway I digress, my first memories of F1 are in black & white, the Coopers in the 60's, the diverse changes through that era, probably the best time to be an F1 team member.

The 70's, I don't remember much about mid-late 70's, I was never in the house, some weird and wonderful creations were raced.

For me the most enjoyable era was the 80's and the first couple of years in the '90's.

As far as F1 Slot racing, I love the much older cars, the pre-wing 'half tonner' era and the pre-war cars.

I'm not a fanboi of any particular marque but the pre-war Mercs are just unbelievable race cars, the Auto Unions are also a favourite (maybe not the best looking though).


Left-right:  resin Merc W25, resin Merc W154, fibreglass Merc W165, fibreglass Auto Union 'D' type, Cartrix Merc W196 with a SlotIt pod cut into the chassis.

The Betta & Classic W165 on a brass & 3D hybrid chassis



I have a 3D resin printed W165 on a bespoke 3D chassis but it's still only got it's primer coat (it's only been 6 months  Sweating )...I'll have to grab a pic of that too.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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A few assorted cars from the 60's,  all use vintage bodies (Monogram, Atlas, MRRC/Airfix, Lindberg) on scratchbuilt chassis.

Chris Walker

[Image: 2009-10-06-19-08-29-copy-2.jpg]

[Image: 2011-04-25-14-21-52-2.jpg]

[Image: 2003-12-31-23-00-00-131.jpg]

[Image: 2003-12-31-23-00-00-25-copy.jpg]

[Image: 2003-12-31-23-00-00-2.jpg]

[Image: 2003-12-31-23-00-00-163.jpg]

This Lola MkIV, has since been repainted in a much darker (and more accurate) "Bowmaker" blue.

[Image: 2009-12-01-12-53-32.jpg]

[Image: DSCN4261-copy.jpg]

And a very early 60's Lotus 16

[Image: DSCN3116.jpg]

Wow! Great to see all those very detailed slot cars.
Thank you all for sharing here. Thumbup
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Likewise, the 1970s is the F1 era for me. I was taken to International Trophy races at Silverstone by my dad when I was very young - and then caught the Grand Prix and Aurora Championship races at Brands Hatch with my older sister from 1980. Of course, the Scalextric F1 cars of the time are what me and my friends drooled over...


I had the Tyrrell 008 and the Ligier JS11 to race back in the late 70s and early 80s - and have added the others more recently as a bit of a nostalgia kick. All six could be seen in action on the various rug-racing tracks that appeared at mine and my friends' houses in the school holidays. The 1980 Williams FW07B (which first appeared in the fabulous 1981 catalogue) has to be the best of the bunch...


Although tempted, I haven't delved into the modern-day Scalextric Legends F1 cars yet. They are really nice looking models and there's a chance I'll get the 1977 Tyrrell six-wheeler when it arrives. I have bought a handful of Fly cars over the years...


The Aurora series Lotus 78 has been fitted with an Andi Rowland 3D-printed chassis and Policar motor pod - turning it into a fast racer. The cars look wonderful...


Although in a head-to-head, I think the best-looking (and performing) 70s F1 cars are the Policar models like the Lotus 72 below...


The amount of detailing on the Policars is sensational - yet the early-1970s F1 cars aren't etched into my memory quite as much as the mid and late-70s ones.
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I am loving the participation, and seeing your talent, builds and collections.

Some 1/24ths of mine:

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Some now from the 60's and even a couple  from the 50's....

Airfix, Scalextric and resin

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Lovely race cars!!!

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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A few from the early and mid-70s:

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