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How to Make boarders yourself

Hi guys, newbie here. Just building my own track on a 4m. x 1.5m area which I intend to winch up and store it in my shed above my car. Any suggestions? 
And also I want to make some boarders for my Carrera track and was wondering what you can make them out of. Like the picture shown but inside, outside and straights. TIA.

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Hi gazturn2, and welcome. Wavegreen 

Gpa113 has shared some of the details of his track which winches up to the ceiling, so you might find that interesting.

As for borders, you could use 9mm MDF if you have the equipment to cut it. You may also need to shim it, depending on how thick Carrera track is.

You can also get 10mm foam exercise mats.
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Hi Gazturn, for my Carrera track I've used 8 mm MDF.


Works very well, except, of course, for banked turns...
More pics in this thread:

P.S. Given we are talking about Carrera 1:32! If it is Carrera Go, it might have another thickness. D.S.


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