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SRC Ford Capri 2600LV Tour de France 1973.

For their latest Ford Capri 2600LV, SRC has opted for a rally version.
Jean Pierre Rouget and his navigator Philippe Routier took part in the 1973 Tour de France with this car, but did not make it to the finish.
The event was a combination of a race on circuits and rally special stages and was won by Sandro Munari and Mario Mannucci in a Lancia Stratos HF. 
Here are the first photos of this stunning version, sponsored at that time by the French comedy rock group Les Charlots:
The Capri will go on sale on July 1.

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As always, the SRC cars look even better photographed on your rally stages Thumbup
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You can find a fair few unusual 'Rally' cars in previous Tour de Frances, also the Giro D'Italia...a quartet of Group 5's, Porsche 935, BMW 320i, Lancia Stratos and Lancia Beta Montecarlo were 'Rallied' in the 1979 Giro.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

That changed in 1977. From then on only Group 1 to 4 cars were allowed. From 1982 to the last event in 1986, only Group A and B cars were allowed.
The event counted for the European Rally Championship.
Here are two other pictures of the SRC Ford Capri 2600LV that took part as a Group 2 car (improved touring car):

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