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SCX 2022 - New Products Announced


Just announced by their UK Distributor (Gaugemaster) is a list of new SCX products for 2022. It is a modest list, but continues to expand their analogue (Original), digital (Advance) and 1:43 (Compact) systems at a steady rate. There’s also a re-introduction of an AC2car-based analogue system in 1:43 that allows two cars to lane change – it has been rebranded ‘SCX Action’.

First, lets look at the additions to the 1:32 scale Original range – including a wide radius curve, a long chicane, a brand new Cupra TCR model (with an E-TCR livery option) with a Electric vs Fuel set, plus new liveries on a range of old moulds...


U10401 Outer Outer Curve (8 pieces). RRP £41.95

U10423 Team Cupra (Electric v Fuel) Starter Set. £RRP £194.95

U10424 Cupra E-Racer Gené. RRP £49.95

U10428 SCX Vantage GT3 Gulf. RRP £49.95

U10429 Hyundai i-20 WRC Solans. RRP £49.95

U1043 Corvette C6R Skull. RRP £49.95

U10432 ‘Cuda Silver. RRP £49.95

U10434 Gran Chicane. RRP £24.95

All the Original cars above can be converted to SCX Advanced digital using the updated Advance Kit 2.0 – but they are also available as Advance models, saving £5 on the separate parts...

E10406 Advance Kit 2.0 for Car Type B. RRP £24.95
E10424 Advance Cupra E-Racer Gené. RRP £69.95
E10428 Advance SCX Vantage GT3 Gulf. RRP £69.95
E10429 Advance Hyundai i-20 WRC Solans. RRP £69.95
E10431 Advance Corvette C6R Skull. RRP £69.95
E10432 Advance ‘Cuda Silver. RRP £69.95

T10381 Action 1:43 Adventure Starter Set. RRP £129.95

The 1:43 scale SCX Action range re-launches a short-lived GT set that appeared in the 2008 SCX catalogue. This ran on a principle borrowed from the AC2car system that meant the two cars each ran on a separate band of AC current supplied to the track. Although not a digital system, a lane change track piece and a button on the controller allows both cars to change lanes.

That 2008-9 set wasn’t a huge success – I remember the Porsche 997 cars being sold off cheap and having the electronics ripped out so they could be run on standard Compact or Carrera Go!!! layouts. The system was sound, but the promotion was poor. It looks like SCX are giving some pazzazz to the marketing this time.


T10382 Action 1:43 Wireless Controller. RRP £18.95
T10383 Action 1:43 Action Guide w/Braids (3). RRP £5.95

T10418 Action 1:43 SCX Vantage GT3 Four B. £25.95

Finally, there’s a raft of additions to the hugely popular – and truly excellent – Compact 1:43 range. Three new sets, a brand new Cupra E-TCR and five new liveries is a decent haul for 1:43 fans.

C10369 Compact 1:43 Power Masters Starter Set. RRP £69.95

C10370 Compact 1:43 Rally Xtreme Starter Set. RRP £69.95

C10413 Compact 1:43 Cupra Racing Starter Set. RRP £99.95

C10415 Compact 1:43 Cupra E-Racer. RRP £19.95

C10416 Compact 1:43 Corvette C6R Black. RRP £19.95

C10417 Compact 1:43 Audi S1 RX KYB. RRP £19.95

C10418 Compact 1:43 SCX Vantage GT3 Four B. RRP £19.95

C10419 Compact 1:43 Hyundai i-20 RX Kwik Fit. RRP £19.95

C10420 Compact 1:43 Formula F Green. RRP £19.95

That’s it for now – if I get any more news on the schedule, I’ll add it to this thread.
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Big fan of SCX, especially their Rallycross & Rally range, still holding out hope they'll be first to offer a bespoke 'Rally Cross Advance' 'Digital' with a Joker loop. 
Keep up the excellent work for us more discerning motorsport fans Thumbup
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