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HO Tuning Tips, Dragster

I wanted to start a thread here on how to tune your chassis, where to find information, what to look out for,.......

A very good source is another Forum, just dealing with HO Dragster :

Another massiv source is of course YouTube.
A very good Video for 4gear tuning to start with is this:

My personal standards that helped: 
  • a stiff chassis is faster on the strip. For a road course I would choose a more flexible chassis.
  • If lifting the rear of the chassis and applying power the whole chassis should not wobble/shake. This means no wobble on the axel, the rims should be round as should be the tires. It should run very quiet. More wobble - more time on the clock!
Hope this helps ! Please ask questions, more than willing to help and to answer!

Please share your insights, experiences, test results......!!!!!!!

The closer the racing, the more fun for all of us!!!! Wrench

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What a pity, I was hoping that a few more racers would join the discussion. 

Discussion means that more than one member is involved, that's a report....... Tappingfoot

Nobody willing to share information? C'mon guys, asking for info without sharing doesn't work.......

Andy shared an info in one of his threads: stiffer braids are faster than softer ones. Having tested both, yes he's absolutely wright!


Braid installation:


heres a couple vids i found useful
(2) AFX slot car Tune Up - YouTube
(2) Tuning aurora g plus ebay buys - YouTube
(2) Aurora Model Motoring: Restoring a Thunderjet Chassis - YouTube

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