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Scalextric BMW M3 E30 BTCC

All my reviews are written from the point of view of the 'average' buyer who just wants to run their cars at home with the bare minimum of preparation. Obviously you can muck about and improve virtually anything with time, effort and/or money. I would glue everything in as a matter of course if these cars were for club racing but they are just for home use so I don't normally do it because it is rarely necessary, makes maintenance more difficult and risks destroying the chassis if you need to replace any parts.

No option here though as the cars were unusable as they stand. Incidentally I do have some plastic track so I tried them on that and they bounced a fair bit even with the influence of magnets. Anyway, I have glued the axles and motor and added a bit of weight to the chassis with positive results. Both cars are now hop free and drive reasonably well although they will tip over if pushed too hard. They are fairly evenly matched with lap times in the low 6 seconds which is about the expected level for narrow track cars on my circuit. We have a GOLD meet at Tel's next week so I will take them with me and see how they cope with the tighter turns on his track. I note that Jim's club runs on 12 volts rather than the 13.8 volts I normally use, they are definitely easier to handle and less twitchy when I use the lower voltage.

My assessment of the chassis remains unchanged though, it is too weak round the axles and a few extra millimetres of plastic in that area would have avoided all the problems I experienced.
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