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BRM and TTS Mini Saloon Class

Hi all, we at Four Lane Blacktop are giving serious consideration to adding Mini Saloons as a class in our regular calendar or possibly an additional night. 

Six of us took the plunge over the Gaydon weekend, including mine and my sons cars pictured, and initial testing has been fun. 

Really just wondering if anyone else races them as a serious class and if so what have you learned, what size track works well etc. (we have the luxury of a routed layout of multiple configuration.) T.I.A. Marc

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This should be a fun class.
 I have a Mini, Alfa and Escort. They tune well.  The more you run them the faster they go.
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We race them regularly on routed wood tracks. They are great cars out of the box. We only allow people to change tyres allowing any of the BRM rubber tyres or urethane tyres if racers want to run them. We do allow tuning/blueprinting but no gear or motor changing.

We run non magnet and fine them a fun class. Only thing to watch out for is there is a bit of a difference performance wise between the mini saloons and the Grp 2 cars. This means you can end up with  everyone wanting an Alfa or Escort. I find the Fiat the most fun to get running well - they and the mini are the quickest of the mini saloons. But not as quick as my Alfas and Escorts.

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Thank you David, you have kind of confirmed what we were thinking, running stock components with blueprinting and set up only. I did fear the Mini may have an advantage but others wanted them in alongside the Autobianchi, NSU, Simca, Abarth and the Renault. 

Tyres are an interesting one we were hoping to run stock as with every other component to allow folk to join the grid for under £100 yet may still have to supply club cars x4 for those unwilling or unable to purchase their own. 

We have 10 or so classes fighting over Six regular slots and once the committee approve classes live or die on participation levels, HO fell foul of this and drag racing is looking vulnerable but we have get it right and hope for grids of 12 at the very minimum.

Really appreciate your input, I will keep this thread up to date with our progress.
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Rockingham have just agreed a set of rules for exactly this class using the BRM ones as the basis, which is basically stock.

I have a mini and John picked me an Alfa up at gaydon. About 6 members have them now and they look great on the track.  

Hoping  the class gets voted in to our next rotation of classes.
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So we had our first event, 16 people made up of 8 car owners and 8 non-owners took part in a pairs race with the prize being Two brand new BRM cars. The hope is the prize will help grow the grid and at the last count we were up to 12 car owners and 4 club cars. 

Looking forward to a full program of racing in Wiltshire next year on wood and plastic and hopefully a club away day at Rockingham.

The cars are simple to run and really good fun to drive.

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hi Marc 

Good to hear the progress. 
We raced them on the weekend. The Alfa, Minis and Escorts tended to rule the roost. I won a heat coming from behind with my Opel. Its times were competitive with the Alfa and Escort.

I also ran my Scirocco,  Autobianchi, Abarth 1000 and BMW 2002 they went well but were about 3/10s of a second of the pace of the quick cars. I think I can get the times down a bit with some more tuning except for maybe the Fiat - not sure what to do there - it looks quick but just isn't as forgiving as the others. 

When we first raced them the Simca and NSU were the kings - hardly anyone runs them now which is a shame. For me the Autobiachi (Jager) looked so good on the track that I went for style over speed. :)

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Here's 2 pics from the Mini Sprint Race which was before the BRM 24 Hours of Tacoma - I drove my wife's Gulf Mini, and my #40 Alfa and #71 NSU are also in the same race (2 guys didn't have cars to run). It was a Blast!!! and the Alfa's are fast!
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