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A new custom short track in Toronto

That looks really smart. Wrench 

I know the base is 5ft x 10ft, but what's the overall size of the track?

Thank you very kindly, Jason and Hub,

We have yet to measure it. But it looks between 45' and 50' feet in length.
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The outside borders are all buttoned up and painted. Timing system is in and works great. Technically I can host races.

Things still to be done.

1) Inside grass and checker cork to inside loops, etc
2) Install hay bails double high on the outside of the inner loop
3) Install cloth skirt to hide the base
4) Create face for pit row garage
5) Make a fancy cover for the finish line

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Great work there Ken!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Supeb Ken!!

Quite big track spacing for HO!!

Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl
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