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A new custom short track in Toronto

I have been watching several new tracks rise up from the sawdust. I'm down for the count with chemo, and have no energy. But happen to know a fantastic and experienced track builder that is willing to do most of the work for a fair price. I should have done this years ago, but thought my basement was too small. Another fellow racer just finished a 5' foot by 10' foot 2-lane routed track and it's a blast!

It will also end up on a 5' foot by 10' foot base, and have only 2-lanes. More than enough for 5 or 6-people to race several classes in an evening.

This is the basic layout. It's a custom "one of a kind" track well suited for my basement. Wish me luck.

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I wish you lick in all respects, get well soon and the track looks great.
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Looks like that will be challenging and a lot of fun to drive.  Thumbup
Likewise, I send my best wishes that you feel better soon.
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Best of luck Ken, get well soon and enjoy your track. Thumbup
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I'm not as broad minded as Bazzer so can't wish you lick  Bigsmile  - but hope all goes well on both the health and track fronts.  Thumbup
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Compact and beautiful layout with challenging elevations.
I wish you a speedy recovery, Ken. Thumbup
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That looks a fun layout, I'm not a fan of right angle corners, OK on a plastic track but on a routed one that 90 corner would be better as a compound curve coming right after the hairpin. As it's an uphill/downhill section it would make it more pleasant to drive round.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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A perfect way to get through the treatment!

I love puttering with gears
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Hang in Ken - hope all is going ok with you......
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I humbly thank everyone for the encouragement. It means a lot these days. I am doing well so far thank you. I'm just getting through the treatments as expected.

I really look forward to the pre-routed track parts arriving this Monday. Assembly and paint after that.

I studied the track flow before agreeing to it. It looks like it would flow better if the lower loop over-pass crossed the other way. You would climb into both tight corners. The track might be easier to make.

Then I remembered the reverse rotation switch is a standard option. Switching directions would reverses the advantages and disadvantages of track flow. I agreed to it after that thought. I would not want to make a double drop just before both the tight corner loops when I switch track directions. The track will have one tight downhill challenge going either way now. I intend to help newbies learn to back off the throttle once in a while. I hope to get new people addicted to our hobby.

The designer went all out and is a pro at elevations. If he wants to challange himself? I'm all in. I know he's very capable.

I need to pick a name for the track. The easy stuff to do.  Wrench
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