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A new custom short track in Toronto

All the best for a speedy recovery Ken, you will kick its ass mate.

How about calling it Cemo Mountain, because you've climbed it and concurred it. Heart
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Thank you very kindly, Tony.

Everyone is a great support. A super good and friendly group of people here!

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Looks a great idea for a compact routed layout Ken.
I have the ability to reverse the direction of my layouts,  it is amazing the difference,  and enjoyment, it makes to a permanent track.

Wishing you all the best through treatment,  this will be a perfect way to keep your spirits up  Thumbup

Best wishes 
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Progress is being made on the little track in Toronto. The lines look like it has good flow for being so compact.

From the pit area. The layout looks like 2-eights laying on their side. "Crazy Eights" in Italian I think is "Otto Pazzi". So, it will be called the "Otto Pazzi" Raceway.


Lots more work to be done. Tomorrow...

Thank you very kindly for looking.

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It looks bigger than expected.
Thanks for sharing. Thumbup
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Thank you very kindly, Pip and Hub.

The track joints are all completed. All the supports are glued in place to attach the elevation plates. That's work for tomorrow.

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My friend came over at 7am to:

1) Install the elevations.
2) Bondo the track joints smooth.
3) Sand the bondo, and top surface.
4) Paint the top.

Now the track dries for several days. Copper tape, power, and driver's stations next week. We might attempt the barriers too.

My trigger finger is ready!  Checkeredflag

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Nice elevations, Ken. Thumbup
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All the best for your health and your track Ken. I'm sure the track will help keep your morale up which in turn will aid recovery.



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Thats a fantastic size, you'll have a blast Ken.
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