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Deville Speed Park, Proxy Drag Racing US

Here is your winner of Round 2 on The Street and Sweeping today's event, Nicolas Karres and His Mongoose!! Congratulations Nico!



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The 5.5 Magnatractipn class did not go that well yesterday, but hey that's racing!!!!!!

Too much grip on the routed strip and not enough power on the plastc strip. Some work to do!!!!!!

Here is your Podium for Round 1 in The Magnatraction Muscle Cars on The Track for The 2022 International Summer Shootout!! Dave Deville puts the Javelin in 1st, John McElhaney Sr. Takes 2nd in his Camaro, 3rd is Stephanie Andrews with her Firebird, 4th is Jim Atkinson and his 43 Roadrunner, and Rounding out the Podium is Anthony Andrews and his Camaro!! Congratulations on all top 5!!!



That's P22 on the routed strip due to deslotting at the start.



Here is your Podium for Round 2 of The Magnatraction Muscle Cars on The Street for The 2022 International Summer Shootout!! Jim Atkinson takes 1st with his 43 Roadrunner, 2nd is Greg Bieber and his Cuda, 3rd is Dave Comley and his Rusty Rocket, 4th is The DSP Orange IROC, and Rounding out the Podium is Justin Gille and his Daytona!!! Congratulations to all top 5!!



P21 on plastic strip



I am not going to cover the full series, as this will go on for 6 weeks now.

Intrested, let me know.


Congratulations on the win Nico. Keep up the good work Thumbup
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Congrats, Nico!

Nice looking field of cars too.
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Thank you Ken & Clive!!!!!

32 cars each class, races on plastic strip and routed strip.



Here are the current points standings for The 2022 International Fall Shootout! 3 classes all packed with 32 cars each! And then we've got The Grand Championship, which has 18 racers who entered all 3 classes battling it out for the big prize pack from all our great sponsors!!

I want to thank all 29 drivers that came to race at Deville Speed Park! We've had quite the season,  and your guys kept me busy. It takes a lot of maintenance for these cars to go 16 rounds, bit I'm more than happy to help you guys not only continue to race, but will help you make the podium! Everyone is fast here and the competition is tough and I thank all of you for that!

We've drawn more interest from more racers, and we'd like to welcome more for our 2023 Winter Series set to start January 8th, which will include all 3 of the classes again, with all the same rules with no surprises before raceday, so you can begin to plan your builds for the next series. Please invite your friends to race next round, and let's continue to grow here at Deville Speed Park! 

New guys!! If you're interested in joining all the action here at Deville Speed Park, where we've got 2 different Track surfaces, both a Quarter Mile, where we race to the line, you guys are more than welcome here! Send me a message and I'll help you get started. We don't charge an entry fee here, we just ask that you pay for your ride home, but we do accept donations for all the hard work we do here. My personal page is not private, so feel free to shoot me a message.

We've got 4 rounds left, and then we can crown Champions, and get these cars back to you for tune ups. 

Thanks again guys and Good Luck to Everyone in the rest of the series!!

Here are all our racers thats racing here for The 2022 International Fall Shootout!

John McElhaney Sr., Anthony Andrews, Rusty Trombone, Stephanie Andrews, Jeremiah Doxtator, Candy Vandegrift, Edward Stout, Brian Bieber, Tracy Stumpf, Nicolas Karres, Bill Fisher, Yobear Jones, Michael W. Marvin, Jim Atkinson, Barbara Palomba Marvin, Dave Comley, Joe Vandegrift, Justin Gille, Joe Marquez, Dave Deville, Andrew McCollum, Kay Andrews, Greg Bieber, Shane Bieber, Axel Kuhn, Hermann Ennenbach, Bill Lever, Vernon Dew, and Bryn Lee.


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