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Blender designing vac formed windshield moulds.

As promised ,a quick tutorial 
-1:cut the windshield frame off the body using the bisect tool(works faster than boolean) and align it to the world origin
-2: depending on the shape of the windshield if:
- it is relatively flat add a cube object.In this case subdevide it (edit mode,right click,subdevide command on top
,increase the number of cuts-the more cells the easier to deform)

-it is bubbly , design an approximation on your favorit cad program (i use freecad).Export it from freecad as stl ,import stl  to blender .

3 : you align the object to the windshield frame,you scale it if needed
4 (optional):You assign a color to each one (frame and object),not needed but will make your life easier.
5:hide windshield frame and add lattice
6:scale lattice as close as possible to the object (cube or freecad designed).Remember to scale all 3 planes
7:Subdivide lattice
8:link lattice to object
9:select lattice and switch to edit mode
10:start modifying the object by manipulating the lattice vertices.Please pay attention to restrict movement to one plane each time.(you do this by selecting the vertix, then press g to grab it and the letter of the axle (x,y,z),this way the vertex will move only on a single axle)The  target is to match as close as possible the frames curvature to the objects.It will take some trial and error
In order to save time and effort you can cut both (object and frame) in the middle and modify half of it.Then  use the mirror tool.If you have never used the mirror tool before, take into consideration the following:
-Mirror tool relates to whatever center finds convenient unless you specify one (this the reason we align the object to the world origin) ,the best being an empty object (under add command)->plain axles
- Mirror remains active so if you move or change something it will ruin your set so it is best to export as stl and reimport.In this way you neutrilise the mirror tool but you loose the capability of doing any changes.To cover this option i save both files .

Do not hesitate to ask.
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Just on that last point, you can 'apply' the mirror effect by tabbing out out edit mode, going back to your mirror modifier, selecting the dropdown option to the right and selecting 'apply'. The two (or more) mirrors are then converted in to one whole mesh.
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Thanks Alexis, I'll have to get Blendering  Thumbup

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

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