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Hello Everyone!

My name is Ernie.

What an fantastic website and I'm excited to be a member.

I grew up in the 60's, having run my cars at the San Francisco Ocean Beach Model Car Raceway.

I returned to the Slot Car Hobby about 12 years ago.

I left the San Francisco Bay Area and recently relocated to Oregon and still getting settled.

I favored 1/24 scale slot cars for many years, but now am excited to get involved with 1/32 scale - which is how I stumbled across SlotRacer.

I'm a retired Design Engineer having been involved in Automotive Restoration.

Primarily restoring Vintage Race Cars, Vintage Collectable Car (did a lot of Packards, Muscle Cars etc.,) and other automotive related memorabilia e.g., Vintage Gas Pumps.

I enjoy building my cars and prefer to employ phenolic composite sheet and aluminum angle for the chassis.

I'd like to share my completed scratchbuilds, so I did a search and was not able to retrieve the info I was looking for.

So, my question is, would it be against policy to provide URL links of my completed scratchbuilt projects which are located on another Slot Car website?

Thank you.

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Thanks Ernie, and welcome aboard. Wavegreen 

We certainly welcome links to other slot car sites here. All we ask is that you post some content, and context to support the link. In this case perhaps a few photos to give us all a little taster of what we can expect.

Looking forward to seeing your scratchbuilds. Thumbup

Hi Jason,

Thank you so much for the welcome.

I hope to contribute some past projects of mine that hopefully will be of interest.

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Good to see you over here, Ernie. And welcome to the world of 1/32 scale. Your creative methods of chassis building should find a curious audience here. Do you plan to share some new 1/32 scale builds as you get settled in? The modern podded plastic chassis are way more sophisticated than they appear at first glance. Would love to see how the two compare.

Hi Mickey!

Thanks for the welcome - and it is good to be here and to see that you're here also.

I'm hoping to share some new 1/32 chassis builds when I finally get situated in our new home, which will be in a couple of months.

In the meantime I shared my inline build from Slotblog in a more abbreviated manner.

Real good to hear from you Mickey!

Thanks again.


Hello Ernie,

Welcome to SlotRacer.

It's always nice to see another scratch builder.

Someone else here uses strictly aluminum square tubing for chassis material. I can't seem to think of his name at the moment. Not important.

Glad you're here.  Thumbup


Thank you Ken.

I appreciate the welcome.


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