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Question Help whith Lap Timer 2000

Does anyone know how to connect a dead track section for use whith Lap Timer 2000 on a modern PC?
Thanks in advance!

You’ll need something like an opto-coupler circuit in between the dead strip and the PC to protect the PC port you connect to. The spikes from a dead strip risks blowing the port and potentially damaging the computer. And that connection would be most reliable if using a parallel (printer) or serial port - some desktops can be fitted with these. Or an older laptop (Windows 98 vintage) will usually have a parallel port. A good quality serial to USB adapter should work reliably with a newer laptop, but cheap adapters are a risk. 

That means dead strip to optocoupler relay (one channel per lane) - output to serial plug - serial to USB adapter - to USB port. No guarantee that LapTimer 2000 will work reliably with that set up - or with Windows 10 or 11. It is an old programme (designed for Windows 98?) and with serial port connection.

The best package for a modern (Windows 10) computer is Race Coordinator and an Arduino board. Although there’s no info on using a dead strip in the instruction pdf, I have written up one option here:

In terms of hardware, the Race Coordinator option is no more expensive than what you’ll need for LapTimer 2000.

Thank you for the advice.
I ´ll think about it !
Thank you again.

Hello vonsirius,

This question has been asked many times and no-one has found a way of simulating the parallel port connectivity for Lap Timer 2000.
LT2000 is a nice simple timing system but if you do not have a PC with a suitable port the sensible move is to change to Race Coordinator using an Arduino package to connect the track sensing to a USB port. There is a big Race Coordinator community so help is on hand, including the developer Dave who is active on the main forums.


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Thank you for the answer.

I must take a new look at Race Coordinator, it looked to me a little bit complicated at first look, I love LT2000´s simplicity .

On the other hand I have not any knowledge about Arduino. 

Will try to read a little about iit!

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