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Info JA Slots Intro

Hi All  Wavegreen

Would like to introduce myself, my name is Joel, I am a slot car enthusiast and have been designing 3d printed chassis’ and parts for some time now. So thought I’d share my models for those who might be interested.

My models are only available on the Shapeway’s site at this point. They have set prices, as their equipment is of the highest caliber, offering multiple materials with amazing quality, also making it easy to get hold of for the international market.

I’m currently still loading models weekly, my Shop on Shapeway’s is JA Slots, link below:

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Welcome Joel. Wavegreen

Hi Joel, it would be cool to see some of your car builds.  As a fellow 3D 'maker' I always enjoy seeing other designs because there's always something to learn and try.

...I've added your shapeways link to my bookmarks  Thumbup

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

Just a handful of stuff I have done. But there's more on the shapeway's link and still adding on weekly basis.  Rofl

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It would be really nice if you could upload pictures of your chassis to the thumbnail gallery rather than just shots of the car body it’s meant for.

The CAD preview of the model doesn’t work on (my) phone(s) so there’s no way to see what the chassis design or features actually look like. This is pretty important when buying at shapeways ludicrous prices (which I known are not your fault)

I saw some images where the chassis is kinda visible but I’d prefer some clearer shots if I were to consider ordering anything because I won't be doing it blind.

Be interested if you do more snapkit  stuff. I’ve a few and the range seems to be expanding. Could be a good niche for you.

I know I'm a pedantic twit but it really bugs me when pics are not orientated so the subject is easy to interpret. 
I tend not to lie on my side when viewing the screen!!! Things make more sense this way.
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I know its not your fault but £33.08 to get a legends chassis posted to me in the UK makes it unviable.

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