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New Toronto track

IT'S ALIVE!!!  I've got the electrics going, and done a few laps...IT'S FUN!!!  I still have to put up the guard rails, tape the lane colours, design, and build the timing gantry, and hook up the timing system.  I've got the bad habit of getting sloppy when things get close to finished...I have promised myself to take my time with the timing needs to be precise for the timing lights to align...patience Doug, PATIENCE!!!
[Image: 02D2iYX.jpg]
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Patience is difficult when a nice track, like yours, comes alive. Thumbup
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Love it Doug!!
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Forget about painting the lanes, why don't you just number them...

I love puttering with gears

(24th-May-22, 06:18 PM)BARacer Wrote:  Forget about painting the lanes, why don't you just number them...
I don't paint the slot, I just use pin stripping tape and run it next to the copper stuff!   Wrench

and the tape does not lift with racing?

I did that on my track in Vancouver...after 5 years and 1000's of!
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