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Is business so good ?

I emailed a long established well known specialist UK slot car supplier at least 2 months ago asking for price and availability on a new drum for a Hudy and am still awaiting a reply. In the meantime I have managed to source a drum elsewhere - their loss!.

Nationwide you say? I say worldwide.
Similar problems down here.....either no response or too busy to come see what is required.

Think Pandemic, global supply chain issues, worker shortage and that festering ulcer called war in Ukraine.
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Same detail here in the states. Add 6 months wait if building supplies or appliance parts are needed.

It has never been any different. I used to work in electrical wholesale and had good contacts in all the building related trades but often struggled to find someone to do a particular job. When I had an expensive extension done on the house it took three months to even get a builder to quote let alone build the thing. The trade is notorious for ignoring potential customers and quoting outrageous prices when they don't really want the job.

One source you might try is to ask for recommendations on your local Facebook group which seems to work in our village. The local tradesmen don't like being criticised for lack of response on there and tend to turn up when asked.

As you were, I don't do Faceache  Bigsmile

Anhoo, 3 phone calls made this morning, 2 "leave a message" and one "He will phone you back later to see if its worth his while coming out to quote"

Tappingfoot Tappingfoot Bigsmile Bigsmile

(25th-Apr-22, 01:48 PM)Savage GT Wrote:  As you were, I don't do Faceache  Bigsmile

I bet your children do though - use their account. Tease
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Children, nope, facebook is for mums they tell me  Bigsmile
As it happens, The other half has a faceache account just to keep in the loop on a couple of things.
Low and behold, a post on there and several business queuing up to give us a quote.
Now to try sort the wheat from the chaff !
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(23rd-Apr-22, 07:46 AM)Savage GT Wrote:  For me, I prefer if people contact me via email/text/whatsapp as I can read/respond when it is convenient
Well, same for the trader, right? 

You’re interrupting them working just like they interrupt you having your dinner. That’s why phone calls get dealt with so they can get back to working.

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